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Online Presence Domination

I've had more team members ask me a lot of the same questions, and thought it would benefit everyone that they would have multiple opportunities to come ask their questions on a live show.

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There are multiple platforms so be open to do different ways to connect. Livestream Schedule is at 10:30 AM EST on Tuesday and Thursday's in March Topics are open to Q&A with Alecia

LiveStream Success Dream Vision Mindset Online Presence

CLICK HERE to join the LIVE EVENT! Conference Call Schedule is Tuesday and Thursday's at 10 PM EST. These will only be about 15 minutes long and very focused! Be sure to find the recording and listen again, as more value will be added!

Call in at: 1-805-399-1200 Use Code: 186419

List dates and topics may change: 3-11 Influence and Inspire People to Buy 3-13 Build Team Unity and Purpose 3-18 Science of Closing 3-20 Powerful Adcopy Secrets 3-25 How To Avoid Hangups 3-28 The Power of Creating a Buzz

1 hour mastermind sessions:

1. Sat. 3-8 9 PM EST Facebook Profile, organization 2. Monday 3-10 8 PM EST Twitter 3. Friday 3-14 9 PM EST Pinterest 4. Saturday 3-15 9 pm est Instagram 5. Monday 3-17 8 PM EST Blog 6. Thurs. 3-27 9 PM EST YouTube 7. Mon. 3-31 8 PM EST Bonus Q/A Linked In

Inside each of these mastermind sessions you will find golden insights of:

*Niche secrets *Branding secrets *How to be different, stand out, strategies for success *Fiverr secrets *Book recommendations for each training *Assignments you can apply NOW! Don't forget to subscribe to get this training that will transform your online presence! (Princess Presence... hehe) Once you subscribe, you will be directed over to our Facebook group where you can join us to connect further to ask and answer your questions. Reach to High Success Dreams! Alecia Stringer Facebook.com/askaleciastringer

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