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Category : Work From Home Dads

How Professional Work From Home Mom Keep Getting Better

mother_sonThe reason why professional work from home mom keep getting better is because they replay a call or process and go over each step do determine what worked and what you can do better. The best way to do a replay is to go over it in your mind.  It doesn't have to take long, just ask what you could have done better.  Use these great questions to shine a light on problems or other opportunities that can give you a direction to fix for next time. Go through each step of the process that made your prospect make a commitment.

1. Did you analyze the problem fully?

Do you relate to their problem and could really understand where they are coming from.  Relate to an experience you have had and share a quick story that they can relate.  They will see you more as a real person that has been through this problem as well, especially being a working at home mom.

2. Did the problem have ideal solutions that could be met?

Once you explained the solutions, did the customer truly understand how the solution is met?  I think this is where the biggest challenge lies.  Getting your prospect to really understand the solution in a way that can take them to the next step.

3. Did you get the prospect to see the future event to get them to the next step of commitment?

This is the real test from number two.  Getting the prospect to understand the value of what you are offering as a solution will take them to the next level of commitment for a mom to work at home. Also don't forget to always get better at shaping your features and benefits to make it more powerful.  Always knowing the features and benefits by the back of your hand will get your prospect to really understand that the solution is best for their problem.  Using this process will make the process so much more powerful. There is not a better way to brand your business, than to just be yourself and truly relate to the problems the prospects are having.  People have to learn, like and trust you in order to get to the next level.  What a better way to do this by branding yourself in a picture, video, audio, and other personalized themes to see more valuable information you have to offer.  Use this strategy when you are branding your own professional work from home mom become powerful.  Submit your name and email below to learn more tips and tricks of how to brand your business as a work from home mom entrepreneur.
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What is Entrepreneur? 7 Tips To Project Yourself As A Entrepreneur

What is entreprneurThese tips are to help new entrepreneurs understand what is entrepreneur and develop themselves and position their business as a professional.  Entrepreneurs accepts the financial risks and undertakes new financial ventures.  You are in charge of your own business and destiny.

1. Treat your business like a business. Be serious in your business and have posture that you focus on how you build it.

2. Schedule time to build your business. Having a routine in place helps people build their business. This allows you to evaluate your goals and really see what is working.

3. Delegate or Outsource. Learn to look at your business on the outside and see what the priorities to get done. Autopilot doesn't exsist. People are not robots. We all have unique personalities. You are going to have to understand that we all deal with people and know the tasks that you can get people to help you grow your business.

4. 95% of people do not know how to make money.  Show them what to do and more people will see you as an expert. Know what talent and skills you have, so you can show exactly who you are an expert in.

5. Get good at generating leads. Find targeted leads to sell products. Use a tight list and build a big list. Create a relationship with your list by sharing who you are as an entrepreneur.

6. Take maxive action and help product in your team. Learning what is entrepreneur by building your team to watch how you build your business. You work harder, and they will work harder.  Show them that you can do it first, and show them how to follow.

7. Make money up front whether people join your primary residual income business or not. This will allow you to stay in business longer. Find ways to stay in the game and not let it overcome you mentally.

Stay strong in who you are as you learn what is an entrepreneur and you will attract people to your business.  Always be sharing the value you learn along the way and more people will appreciate what you have to offer.  This takes reading new books, listening to other top producers in your industry, and always connecting to new people that have the same interest as your business.

Learn from Alecia Stringer's mentorship here that will help make sure you business is set up correctly the first time.


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How To Balance Home Life and Business Building Time

To look at a Home Business you can build while balancing home life CLICK HERE.  

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How To Position Yourself As A Leader In Front of Small Business

As a business owner, you want to show yourself as an expert and as one as an authority in the market place.

position yourself as a leaderNo matter which specific niche or expert you place yourself in.  When you approach your own market or niche, you need to be aware of the few factors that will allow yourself to stand out.

Research these questions and you will have a better idea of how you can position yourself as a leader in the small business market.

1. Who is the market leader?

This will show what kind of brand most people relate to as who they go to in the market place.

2. Is it different from the competition?

What makes that brand, product, service unique from other competitors?

3. Customers looking?

How are customers looking for you? You need to know the market demand, trends and what people need to see what exactly they are looking for.

4. How are you ranking?

Can you go to google and find your business on top? Find out where you are ranking for your product or service and you will be able to start to answer a few of the questions we already asked.

5. Who's getting all the business?

Obviously, if you are not ranked, possibly your competitors are getting the business. Are their customers satisfied? Can you see some of the problems that they are not fulfilling?

6. What does the competition do?

Find out what is different between you and the competition to make you stand out in a more unique manner. You see new expertise when you can compare and contrast products and services.

7. How are you getting the word out?

Where can people find that you are marketing and keeping your brand out where they can find you? Here is a small list of sites that you should consider listing your small business so people can find you.
  • Google

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Online Marketing to Women Ages 35-55

An Inside Look at Marketing to Women Ages 35-55

Why Online Marketing Targets Women Ages 35 to 55

This age group is targeted for many reasons. They are very social, interactive and spends time online discussing everything and exploring everything. Yet, this is the largest group of consumers online. Which makes a very competitive market, and harder to market to the compulsive spenders. So let's examine this group to see how they are based on education, socio-economic status, ethnicity, etc. Targeting specifically in these different areas is highly recommended because you increase chances that they will buy a product geared specifically toward their preference.

So who are the Women Ages 35 - 55?

Single Mothers

69450_4796959130526_151994906_n Crazy how approximately 10.4 million women are single mothers. Her first concern is providing for her children. She has to prove she can do it alone with an innate sense of independence and power. Know the highest values are her kids, her time, making/saving money, and finding a partner.


Stay at Home Mothers

413352-2218-42 This consist of approximately 25% of married women (5.1 million women according to the U.S. Census Bureau.) The numbers has declined since 2001 which of course during the recession, many had to go back and get a job. When you are marketing to this group, you market to the family. She is interested in supporting the family and associating with other stay at home moms. Hearing stories of other stay at home moms that have managed their families and taking care of herself is inspiring to others. Their highest value is meeting the needs of her family. Making and saving money and helping others and her own needs is secondary.

Working Mothers

working-mom This is a large percentage of this demographic. Many take consideration on how others are managing their children, relationships, and work time. They are ambitious and determined, yet educated and don't waste time researching products for hours. She has less mommy networking time, and would love to spend more time with her kids. She values her family, moving up in the business world, and time. More and more are having to work, yet know their highest value is her time and family. Secondary is making money and her own needs.

Married Women Without Children

120525_DX_UnmarriedCouple.jpg.CROP.rectangle3-largeThis is only approximately 4 million women. Many in this group will not be having children, yet are educated with backgrounds of degrees. They like to be well-established. She values freedom, independence, and power. Her highest value is making and saving money and her husband. Secondary values is having fun and her needs.        

Single Women, Not Married, and Without Children


This represents a smaller portion of this population. Women within this category is more likely to be interested in finding a partner/husband and especially those in the younger age range. They are still likely interested in having children. The highest value is finding a partner. Then secondary is her nees and making and saving money. Learning the needs from this age demographic allows us to really see their needs. Mainly time and all of them wish they had more of it. They value a sense of power and independence, especially being empowered. Which is why Empower Network has attracted a lot of women in this age range. Time being a big issue, the mobile blogging app has attracted more and more that are both technically challenged, and time is a issue learning all the details. What is more fun, is that they can promote all the fun things they find on the blog! The importance of knowing how to get traffic and increase conversions will always be an importance because making money and saving money is first when building their confidence that this product works. Naturally sharing with friends is the highest conversions she can do, then it's learning new strategies to take it to new and inspiring audiences. See how you can use this traffic source and generate $7,000 extra spending money on advertising when you plug into this resource HERE.


- See where the inspiration came from at: http://blog.clickbooth.com/2010/02/22/marketing-to-women-ages-35-55-part-1/#sthash.mv834RFp.dpuf

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How did MLM Leaders get to where they are today?

Do MLM leaders know something that you don't?

Are there insider systems only top producers know and, if this is the case how can you learn these secrets? Guess what they don't have any methods, there is not any secret society. There is however one thing that MLM leaders do share and that's probably their mindset the entrepreneurial spirit.

So how did they get there?

Number one and this is most important, they treat their businesses like a job -this is the way that they earn their living. They take their enterprises seriously, it's not part-time thing, and they don't look on it as a past-time. They know that by investing their time and cash into their business, although they might have only invested a few hundred bucks to start, it is what they would like to do, and how they at last plan to earn a big earnings. They have the entrepreneurial perspective. That's a significant part of it. They try hard, and they never say die. These entrepreneurs start their businesses with a plan under consideration. They set out with a conspicuous goal and they work steadily towards that goal. Their goals are realistic; they know that setting impractical goals can only end in disgruntlement and failure. They're stalwart and work really hard and do whatever is important to achieve the success they need. Building a rewarding social marketing business can take ages and while these top producers could have attempted many other methods of making money and lost their shirts more often than once, they knew that if they could find just the right thing for them, they could make it. So that the persisted. Despite the chances. Regardless of the setbacks. They work hard. Although they technically home work, many of them spend large portions of their lives in hotel rooms, on the road or in the air. Many entrepreneurs may give the impression that they're not doing much, but even while they're sleeping they are thinking of ways to better promote their businesses. MLM leaders will spend the great majority of their time inducting and sponsoring because they know this is the only actual way to make money. Just consider it. The company can only turn a profit by moving product, therefore the more people you have in your downline promoting and selling goods and also inducting others to do the same, the more cash you can make.

So are you able to be one of the MLM leaders?

Or course. But here are a couple of things you should consicder Are you happy to invest 3-5 years to build your business? Are you pleased to schedule time, each and every day, to move your business forward? So what's your ultimate target? Have you got any goals? Have you written down a business outline? Have you thought about how you are going to promote your business and also train dozens of folks who will in effect look down to you as a leader. What happens if the company you've chosen to work for all of a sudden goes into Chapter 11? Have you thought about what you may do then?

True MLM leaders will build a hit business no matter what. Failure is simply not a choice they entertain.

They target marketing. They concentrate on presenting their opportunity new prospects on a daily, consistent basis over an extended time period. They focus on turning into the leader folks are looking for and actually lead their team members to success. So do you have what it takes?


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How Leaders Are Strategic For Success

Leaders are strategic – motive is right and improves the lives of others.

Imagine… practice golden rule of reciprocity. Affects all, affects all indirectly. A person is a person through other persons.

Laura Schroff of Invisible Thread book Story of New York – Click the Image for more details on the book.

 Leadership That Produces Action Beyond You Leadership That Produces Action Beyond You

11 year old boy getting on streets for food.

Sept. 1986, 35 year old in Manhattan, saw tons of homeless. Dad drug dealer left at 6, mom addicted to heroin and crack.

Follow with heart. Believes anything is possible that is focused and determined.

10363518 726230117428684 5848022655678673612 n Leadership That Produces Action Beyond You

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