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Category : Earn Extra Income

Network Marketing versus Affiliate Marketing

When looking at generating income online, one really needs to understand what is network marketing versus affiliate marketing so you know what it is and how it works.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing is a business model in which companies choose to ditribute their products or services through a network of independent distributors or representatives.
The distributors or representatives are paid a commission when they take orders for their products or services, or signing up new distributors or representatives.
Many network marketing companies, or also known as mult-level marketing companies have many different types of pay plans or ways to earn commissions through their products, services or building their downline organization.  Most residual income is made from having leverage of their downline's team.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a very similar concept to network marketing except you do not build a team.  It is a one time sale for the product or service. Affiliate commissions are typically either a percentage of the overall amount collected from the customer or a fixed amount per sale.
Many network marketers today use the leverage of both, affiliate marketing and network marketing to build their business.  There are many services and products that aides network marketers to build their residual business.  Generating income from affiliate products helps offset some of the advertising for building a team in network marketing.
To be successful at affiliate marketing versus network marketing you need to know how to market your business online. It is important that you master both affiliate marketing and network marketing strategies and techniques so you can generate enough leads to build your business effectively.
Learn and study how the top income earners build their residual income business by leveraging both affiliate marketing and network marketing.  Follow a simple system that keeps you focused and not overwhelmed in building a residual income that you desire through a leader like, Alecia Stringer.

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4 Ways to Generate Income For A Internet Home Based Business

More people today are turning to the internet to generate income.  Not only for upfront cash flow, but also unlimited residual income.  With more lay offs and the economy suffering, it's best to learn what your options are when finding ways to generate income. 1. Create your own products.  This can be the most difficult strategy for a new marketer or with no experience.  In fact 95% fail in the first 5 years.  Here are a few skills you must know to be successful in your own product creation: -website creation -branding -market research -sales copy -conversions -follow up -traffic generation 2. Auction products using ebay or ebid sites.  This is another challenging strategy as it has limitations also. 3. Affiliate marketing.  With this strategy you are marketing other people's products or services.  This can be the best strategy to start with to build effective traffic generation.  There is already a game plan in place.  You can generate up front cash flow with zero investment.  What you are doing is using an unique url that they create for you to promote.  You select the best products offered at different price points.  It may sound easy, but only if don't the right way.  To be successful, you need unique websites to build a list for a long-term strategy. 4. Network marketing.  The strategy with the greatest leverage.  More people refer this to MLM.  Why do people use this type of leverage?  To generate true residual income.  Work once and continuously reap the rewards. See how you can get started with elite training on combining affiliate marketing with network marketing to conquer the internet, check out this internet home based business.

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Deserve Residual Income?

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Attraction Marketing System For Your Own Internet Business

Learn the Formula of Generating Free Leads

Use Top Affiliate Programs Effectively To Cover Your Advertising Costs

It is time to set up your multiple income streams.

In this module we will begin by setting up various affiliate accounts. These are all the various affiliate programs, tools and resources that you will promote and educate your prospects about throughout your websites, training and autoresponders. You will be providing valuable information & training, branding yourself as an expert marketer AND you will also be generating commissions and profiting from people that don't even join your business. This is powerful...and a technique that ALL top producers understand and utilize. Very Important: You only want to promote tools & resources that are valuable and that you know will be of benefit to your subscribers. You're not out to make a quick buck by just recommending everything under the sun. You will lose credibility and trust and just annoy your prospects. We recommend you actually purchase and use these tools & resources so you know what you are recommending and why. Note: Since you have complete control over your email autoresponders, you can, at any time, choose to promote anything you want to your list in addition to the standard programs below. Your income potential is limitless!

Get Your Very Own Marketing System With Integrated Affiliate Programs HERE

The VIRAL POWER of this system: As you promote your website, and get prospects joining your list, and setting up their own self-branded Marketing System, they will also set up many of these income streams. Some of these programs are 2 tier affiliate programs, which means that you will make commissions on any sales your prospects make! PLUS: if your prospect chooses to NOT sign up for one of the affiliate programs, by default YOUR affiliate link will be automatically placed into THEIR marketing system... which means THEY will be promoting YOUR links and making YOU money. Are you seeing the incredible VIRAL POWER of this SYSTEM??!! Just wait... This is JUST The Beginning... Comment below on your opinion on having multiple income streams... not only with your network marketing company, but the affiliates you promote as well... Do you think it is profitable having this set up in your internet business?

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How To Build A Business Long Term

Learn the 5 steps of what it takes to build a business long term. Take your business to the next level with just these 5 steps. See how you can take hold of your vision. Comment below and share what steps you are taking to build a long term business.  

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Feel Caught in Feeling Saturated in Business?

Saturated in Business?

I have recently had several people ask me, it looks like everyone is promoting the same thing. How can I be successful from marketing the same thing? or... Why would I be friends with people promoting the same thing? or... Seems like everyone I meet already has the product I'm promoting. When I see people saying this, they are not expanding out of their network and sharing their value. We are all unique and you have to show your value to every network you build. Share your comment of what value you have to offer.  What makes YOU stand out? Get some more valuable ideas to not be saturated in business by subscribing and get started in a lead generation boot camp to start setting up your networks online.

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What is a lead?


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