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Category : Investing

Setting Outcomes

See the shortcut training to set your outcomes HERE.

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4 Hour Work Week Definition #8fm #perigirls


Get inside more mindset shortcut training HERE.

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Tell us about a risk you have taken #perigirls

Take a risk and CLICK HERE.

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Internet Marketing Tools – Books!

Free PDF’s Leaders are Readers

One of the most valuable thing you can do to improve your knowledge is to read! This is the most powerful internet marketing tool you can use everyday. I’ll make a little list of a few of my favorites for you to invest your time in first. Simply click on them all and soak in the knowledge to increase your value on what you have to offer when you share your internet marketing knowledge. 1. Bible 2. Think and Grow Rich (Don’t forget the action guide!) 3. The Science of Getting Rich 4. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 5. Start With Why 6. As A Man Thinketh 7. Ask and It Is Given 8. Anthony Robbins – Unlimited Power Home Study Course 9. Awaken the Giant Within 10. Decision by Bob Proctor 11. Speed Wealth 12. Success in 10 Steps 13. The 50th Law 14. The Road Less Traveled 15. The Secret Code of Success 16. Tim Ferris, The 4 Hour Workweek 17. You Were Born Rich This is just a start! There are so many more to read and increase your value.  Click on every single one and download and read each of them. Share your value out to others. Don’t be selfish to share! See how you can get a blog to share your value by clicking the button below.   click-here-to-continue-yellow-button-400      

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The Reason Why You Need To Own Your Own Business

Do you have a reason yet? Most people build their own business online because you want to know how to take advantage of the wealth transfer and build residual income.  Do you know how to accomplish your goals with what is going on this economy? Face the FACTS: What's going to happen in the economy during the next 6 to 36 months that will bankrupt 95% of the population, and how you can protect your wealth... (FACT: This has already happened in 30 different countries during the last 100 years, and TWICE in the US!) What's going to happen soon that will make the price of silver jump from $25 per ounce, to $936, and gold from $1,380 per ounce, to $56,000... Why you'd have to be absolutely crazy to put your money in the stock market right now... Time is running out... To take advantage of The Elevation Group. Mike Dillard is educating us on what he has learned from the top investors and study. Are you aware of the 5 challenges? The top 5 challenges facing the US economy, and how to protect yourself from them. 5 Challenges: 1. Housing Bubble, credit, unemployment 2. Record Amounts of New Debt... Credit, hyperinflation 3. Your Parents: debt obligations due to pay - social security, medicare 4. Hyperinflation 5. Black "Cheap" Oil This is just a small list of what you can learn from the elevation group:
  • How to make an extra $1,000 to $10,000/Mo as a "Publishing Partner" for The Elevation Group...

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Wealth Secrets: How Do you view Rich People

wealth secrets  

It's funny to see the wealth secrets of the rich people.

What really makes them successful and rich?

wealth secrets Take an insight view of wealth secrets for the Focal Point by Brian Tracey 1. Life gets better when you get better. 2. Doesn't matter where you come from, it matters where you are going. 3. Anything doing well is worth doing poorly at first. 4. With any problem you experience, you can pull something good from it. 5. You can learn anything you need to achieve and any goal you set for yourself. 6. Only real limits in what you can do is the limits you set in your life. Powerful statements to soak in and really see a different light on how you view yourself and others around you.  Be truly aware and use your wealth secrets to make a difference in others.  See how entrepreneurs have massive breakthroughs and create a permanent change in their quality of life and financial situation through these wealth secrets.  

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Attraction Marketing Your Internet Business


It is really important that you understand the concept of ATTRACTION MARKETING before you start marketing your new business and website. This is the foundation for your business, and the more you really "get it", the more success you will have with your marketing efforts and conversions. I HIGHLY recommend you not only watch Mike Dillard's FREE videos but that you also pick up a copy of Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring Course - remember this will be ONE of your many income streams!

*** Review Mike Dillard's FREE 7 Video Series Below

Mike Dillard - FREE 7 Video Series Each day holds a new lesson on how you can apply these simple concepts of attraction marketing.  Take notes on each carefully and see how you can make the simple tweaks to your internet business.  Comment below of your experience with attraction marketing... do people seem like they spam you all the time, or really get to know YOU?

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