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Work From Home Opportunity with WMI Lifestyle Design Program

money.jpgThe work from home opportunity with Wealth Master's 3-tiered product line breaks down in to Six Steps to Freedom.  It is a total kifstyle design program.  STEP I - Personal Financial Analysis - Complete Financial Manegement and Lifestyle Design Plan Health Acceleration Program Each and every m1 member s actually put through a personal analysis, snapshot or where you stand.  This is what you own, owe, mortgages, credit cards, school loans, cars, whatever.  You are actually provided with non-biased options.  So you have ideas, strategies and options you probably did not know you had.  STEP II - Minimize Taxes - Increase Cash Flow If you had strategies that could reduce your taxes legally and lawfully, would that be something of interest to you? STEP III - Build Savings for Retirement, Emergency Fund, College How about building savings for retirement, emergency funds and college?  Do you have a clear cut savings plan?  This is key.  We saved 11% of our money in the 70's and we are now at the negative savings rate.  STEP IV - Ensure Proper Protection of All Assets Finally, we have asset protection.  Do you know anybody that has been sued.  There is a lawsuit filed every 6-7 seconds in the United States.  Asset protection the right way working with the right experts to protect what you do have and helping you prperly struction your entities, personal or professional.  This all takes place in the m1 Masters program.  We feel that when you have been exposed to the strategies that we have not learned about in school or at our jobs and that we don't learn about day to day we then are able to introduce you to private wealth creation and opportunities and legacy building so you know what to do with your money.  STEP V - Wealth Creation & Legacy Building At our m2 Wealth Conference, you will have the opportunity to align your money with some of the top wealth creation experts in the world.  STEP VI - Freedom For Life - Lifestyle - Family Legacy - Philanthropy - Stewardship - Clarity of Purpose! Would you love to be in a position to give to your favorite charity?  A big part of the m3 or step 6 is doing just that.  Take the steps to freedom with WMI's work from home opportunity.  Leave comments on what charity you would like to be in the position to give. 

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