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Work From Home Entrepreneur

picture1.jpgFamous wealthy people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki knows it best on becoming a work from home entrepreneur.  They both agree "the only way to amass true wealth is having your own business or investing wisely." Has anybody seen their formula?  It's called the cash flow quadrant and it was developed by best selling financial education author Robert Kiyosoki about 10 years ago.  Robert Kiyosaki has been on the New York Times best seller list for almost 11 years now.  Have you heard of "Rich Dad Poor Dad"?  It has become a whole brand, a whole concept, "Rich Woman Poor Woman".  He developed this cash flow quadrant to show people that there are two sides.  The Rat Race and the Fast Lane.  Now the Rat Race, E standing for Employee, S standing for Self-Employee, which is probably the category a lot of us fall in today, and then B for Business Owner and I for Investor. Because the true wealthy in this country, in abroad, they have mastered wealth in two ways.  They own a business and are also investing their way to wealth.  So that they don't always have to work for their money.  Eventually their money starts to work for them.  That's new paradigm  That's the shift.  That's the transfer of wealth that we are talking about.  The old way of doing things, work for a pay is accumulating assets and having access to education and contacts to help you build wealth and as a work from home entrepreneur eventually your money starts to work for you more and more and more so that you don't always have to work for your money. Now if I were to ask you today, if you didn't go to work for a week, would you get paid?  So the Cash Flow Quadrant was developed to show you how to move from the rat race to the fast lane.  Because the further you get to the fast lane, the more options and opportunities you have to create wealth, gain financial education and start to design you life and not have your life designed for you by your employer. Go here for a real and legitimate work from home entrepreneur business.  Please post comments on your position of following this cash flow quadrant.

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Titus Erickson
Titus Erickson

A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog. You've obviously spent some time on this. Well done!