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Work From Home Business Test: Are You Ready?

Take the Work From Home Business Test will only take less than 3 min. of your time.  Time you can really focus and make sure you are going in the right direction.

Take the Work From Home Business Test

1. Take this short 8 question test to get your PERSONALIZED Work From Home Business Report! This will tell you the top online programs that match your time constraints, investment potentials and short and long term goals. Simply answer the 8 following questions; include your name and email and we will send you the results within minutes! Do you have a full-time job? *This question is required
2. How much money to you want to initially invest in your residual income opportunity? *This question is required
3. What are your short-term (less than 90 days) financial goals of this venture? *This question is required
4. What are you long term goals (3 months for now? A year from now?) *This question is required
5. Which personality trait best describes you: *This question is required
6. What are your web design and internet skills? *This question is required
7. What are your feelings about writing (such as blogs, articles, etc.)? *This question is required
8. Do you have any expertise in any particular niche? *This question is required
9. Optional: Have You Tried Making Money Online Before?
10. Optional: What is your biggest concern about making money online?
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