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Where Is Your Heart To Change In Your Internet Business?

As an individual, sometimes it's hard to see how your internet business can change to a large organization and team.  We get so focused on strategy, structure, or systems which leads us to miss an important issue. The core and center thinking is about changing the behavior of people. The most successful behavior change happens when you mainly speak about people's feelings. Most people think change happens in this order: 1. Analyze 2. Think 3. Change Big change situations don't use this order.  The future is always fuzzy and uncertain.  Looking at it analytically will not solve the solutions.  Look at it in this order: 1. See 2. Feel 3. Change Now you are presented with evidence that makes you feel something.  It makes you look more carefully about what others would see because you want them to also feel energized, hopeful, creative, competitive.  How every you want to be presented or viewed to others. So go take a look at pictures, your profile on social networks, blogs, the first impressions that people see in you and your business.  See how you can take your internet business to the next level by following this simple step.  Put in your email below to see a free video on how you can make a big change in your internet business where people will see and feel you as a professional.

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Rebecca Arthur
Rebecca Arthur

Great share. Thanks for sharing this wonderful insight, AleciaStringer! :)