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What Is The Measurement For Network Marketing Success

Have you ever thought that you are always judged or measured for your network marketing success by money?

Let’s talk results.

Those who simply just make money in their network marketing business are serious. Yet, what really keeps them around? I automatically respond with “the Feeling!” People follow people with a vision to move the masses and help them in a way that will keep them around long term which is where you will find residual duplication. We will look at simple basic concepts like having a strong vision and mindset. To study industry leader’s teams, mainly in numbers and what that has resulted in residual duplication.

You Must Have A Vision!

Haven’t you heard this was over and over? Each industry leader in network marketing says you must have a vision, or you are not going anywhere. When you simply start your journey to decide you just want to figure out a way to create your own income and not be tied to a J.O.B (Just Over Broke… as many refer) or a Boss to give you the income, then you find yourself soaking up as much information as you can. You start learning who it is you find that looks honest, credible, and one that aligns with where you want to go too. This special person is on you want to follow, copy, find every information they share in their mentor-ship process. So let’s look at a couple of leaders that have proven their vision and what they vision and what drove them to continue their vison. These examples are not normal to the average person. So expand your mind to extra-ordinary. The ones that stick out to me must that I have seen is Mike Dillard, Eric Worre, and David Wood. There are so many more out there in the industry that have huge visions and are topping these leaders all the time. Just like no one thought it was possible to run a mile in 4 minutes, once it was done, many have followed have been able to accomplish this. Inside Mike Dillard’s vision, I remember he has a wall created in Austin of the millionaire’s he helped create. In the first 12 months, he grew to 10 million in revenue with his new investment education. See his reflection and how he shares how he  grew Magnetic Sponsoring to be able to sell it and create another business that shows how he grows his assets that attracts many to follow in that vision of freedom. He moved to $50 million, 1 million subscribers, and he knows how to build… Another top network marketing industry leader Eric Worre, had a vision to help the new person, known as the “newbie” as well see where to position them in an easy duplicative fashion. When you see how he started and grew his business to 100k a month, it was to show how simple this business can be beyond you. You can see in this simple video how he changed his culture to a new way of thinking. Then you see I mention the people that have a heart to truly help people because when you have a vision of creating a 100 millionaires, your way must be beyond you. You see their true joy giving that freedom to empower so many. David Wood has this same vision and has already helped 13 in a little over 2 years. When you study and watch or get involved with their vision in this network marketing industry, it’s vital you see how they develop team culture. And the word, “culture” is what many focus on as they create their teams. See how David is creating his culture here: WatchVideoNowButton2  

What is culture and how do you create it?

Many speculate and create their own opinions to how this is done. Yet I believe it is important to really understand the type of people that follow and are created in their culture to see how and why it grows to what created it in the first place. Everyone, every business has their target audience. The beginner needs to start there in developing their culture. Take your team to understand the basic concepts that will enable residual duplication. Which is why many of us get in this industry: to create residual in come that is going to keep coming in, whether you “work” or not. Find that freedom formula that is going to be released in Charlotte. Many may think right away that this is another “company type” event to get their distributors excited. Yet, as this will, you will also find that you should be comfortable and even welcome to take the culture team building duplication strategies and information you learn to be powerful in any business and network marketing company you want to build.

How do I learn this culture building formula?

Simply connect with Alecia as she has a vision to be one of the millionaire’s and help their team to their success dreams. Company is irrelevant when you understand these concepts. So make sure you get all the education you need to help you succeed. When you understand the culture empowers each other and lift each other up no matter who you are, where you come from, we all stick together to move together in unity. When you understand the basic concepts that you can bring in 2 customer’s a day for 90 days, then you will be making $30,000 a month. Will you call yourself a success? Will you take your journey of personal development like me, and understand that you need to make a decision and get out of the environment that allows you to be stuck. Stuck in a fearful mindset that is so stressful that you are being abused daily. Stop the madness now, and show your measurement of success as a changed person because you are brave enough, you deserve to be in a new place that you are in your success dreams. Money doesn’t have to be the measurement for network marketing success, because we all know that you made decisions to make yourself a changed person. You know what you want to be remembered by, and you feature and edify more of those having success around you than you do. All those that love more share more love. Take massive action to your freedom of success dreams.

Have you made a commitment yet?

When you make a decision, you stop worrying about being right. How you play this game is how you play your life. How you play your business. Life is not happening to you, your happening to life. Way that you have been conditioned is how you create your life… Change happens from the inside out. If it’s not treating you well, change that. You’re awesome. You’re amazing. You are powerful.  

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It is so imperative to have a vision!!! Very great post, Alecia!

Marian Gurowicz
Marian Gurowicz

Great post Alecia, right from the opening question! If you don't know what you're measuring, how do you know if you're succeeding?


Awesome post, Alecia!  Really enjoyed the videos! :O)


This is a great post, you hit all of the key points that a lot of people do not take the time to focus in on, every marketer needs to watch these videos and read this blog post two times and get focus on making things happen for themselves.