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What is Scarcity Marketing?

Understanding what is scarcity marketing can take you to the next level in your business. Simply motivate people to buy something. Create that urgency and aggressive call to action. Take these tips and suggestions to see how you can apply them in your life and products and services you offer.

What is Scarcity Marketing?


When you first look at what scarcity means, simply what is scarce. What is short of demand or supply. When you look at it in the information world on the internet, you have to know what is in demand and what people really want. It is vital to use scarcity marketing by simply involving the process of motivating people to buy a product or service by designing the authority and value where it is limited demand or time.  The ultimate goal is to design a systematic way to create a sense of urgency through this aggressive call to action.  This should be done in such a way that they fear they will miss out on the chance to acquire something they want if they don't act now.

Disadvantages of Scarcity Marketing

Low value you didn't expect. Hurt reputation. Trickery, and push or turn people away. You will always have people that are jealous and hate you. Do not get tricked into their trickery and have the confidence to learn and keep going. You can always pick yourself up from anywhere!

Benefits of Scarcity Marketing

Who doesn't want a strong loyalty and following among your audience? Remember These Tips When Using Scarcity Marketing Know that using scarcity is one of the laws of persuasion, and taken very seriously! It triggers something beyond that enables people to take action.  Something that will get them to take more risk to buy to avoid that pain of not taking action. You really instill that emotion right through them to the tipping point. If you carry out the law of scarcity well then you would be able to create a sense of urgency among your customers and prospects which will cause them to pull out that credit card and make the purchase right here, right now! And here are the guidelines that I use when incorporating scarcity tactics into my marketing efforts: 1. Offer true value to your target marketing. It is your responsibility to educate your target audience the quality you are offering.  To look at the long term business. you have to show them the quality will be around for long term. Offering something less than the best will lower the quality. It's the quality that will get them to come back and stay long term. 2. Exclusivity. This key element is hot when it comes to persuading high ticket offers. Know the exclusivity when it comes to what you can offer that is better than the average, or other competitors, and they will be more inclined to take action faster. 3. Create Excitement. Purely emotion. "People come for the money, but stay for the feeling!" I remember that quote over and over when I get a new business partner in my business. I always want to know what that feeling is that got them to get in, so I can see if they are truly going to be around long term because they have a strong feeling of why they took action to begin with.  Remember that when you see them start to change their mind or have doubt. 4. Target Audience. I remember a great audio training called, "You can't sell beef to a vegetarian." Listen to this audio inside the Inner Circle HERE. This will show you exactly how you can effectively find your target avatar and not go outside of really finding that target audience that are searching for what you have to offer. 5. Be Real and Honest. No one likes being scammed. Be truthful for what you are offering. It can back fire in a way that will take you out of business and loose your credibility. It takes a lot longer to recover from a negative feedback. You have to create over 5 positives to replace the one negative. Be honest and make it a one-time offer. If you don't effectively make the right offer, then people may not truly believe you are going to pull through your offer. So if you set an expiration. Stick to it. 6. Guarantee. What will you honor your prospects? Do you offer a money back guarantee? Is it risk free? No matter how clear you are, you must be ready for those that end up backing out. Always have expectations for what happens either way.

How will this scarcity marketing help my MLM, network marketing business?

The most hilarious stories I have heard is from one of my millionaire mentors. When he was prospecting 3 way calls, they truly just took way too much time, and ended up not being effective. You have to end up tricking people to get in a 3 way call, as they are intimidating to many. This last story really stood out to me. When he was getting "scammed" into getting in a 3 way call, this guy was really drilling down on him. Watch the whole story for yourself. But it's crazy on how they really were not trying to get him in their business, yet something magical still happened after they got off the phone... Watch the live show for yourself: Start noticing more how others use scarcity marketing tactics around you. TV ads, infomercials, emails, and much more. Learn how you can start applying it more in your life and business to have more effective strategies.  It's all about testing and putting it together from start to finish. Take action right away in getting the opportunity to see how you can see how a full funnel is put together from finding your target audience, to converting them in your business, as well as to the high end price funnels. There are only a 100 seats training on this webinar, and I'm not sure it's going to be recorded. Take action fast and register HERE:



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