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What is passive residual income?

money9.jpgThe definition of conventional passive income is “Income generated with minimal work from your investments such as dividends, interest, or real estate rentals.” Investment of time and money is initially required to build a passive income online, then possibly minimal work thereafter.  Passive income is an attractive term and we all know everyone wants it. Basically, passive income is money you earn that does not include salary or wages that is no regular investment for returns. Passive income may be earned from real estate, investments, sales or creative endeavors. When you earn passive income, you are not bound to work specific hours or deal with your boss. Earning passive income is an ideal way to attain financial freedom. When you are trading hours for earning dollars, it becomes difficult to realize your full potential financially. On the other hand, passive income opportunities give you a chance to write your own paycheck. The efforts you put into a passive income business will be realized by the profits you achieve.

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having sex
having sex

Very awe-inspiring information. I think im gonna stick around and read about 5 of your posts. Yours sincerely

Warner Efaw
Warner Efaw

I liked your post alot. I recently started college and in need of some cash. Ive never heard of this before but it seems very promising and I'm gonna to give it a try. Thank you so much!


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