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What Is Passive Income

Are you only getting a 1-for-1 trade with your time for money? In other words, the only time you work, you get paid.  If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.  There is gotta be something better - Are you looking into starting a business or investing in something that will generate passive income… even when you are not working. Or would much rather be a successful music artist or a real estate investor and just work once, and get paid residual income.  However, I know very well that not everyone can sing and real estate investing requires too much capital up front that most don’t have. So here you are, researching on the internet and study what other people are doing to make money online.  For a period of time, get paid-to-click scheme was really hot, then selling on eBay was the next trend, then making junk sites for Google Adsense was all the rave… the next best thing just goes on and on. Have missed the train? Or have the energy like those young straight-out-of-high-school-kids-doing-it-big-on-the-internet?  Are you just chasing the next best thing on the internet? Then it dawned on me… I just want to do something that provides value to other people and if it makes money while I’m at it, all the best! At minimum, I want you to learn from what I do, how I do it, and most importantly how YOU can build your own passive income online as well.

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