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What Is An Online Marketing Funnel?

What Is An Online Marketing Funnel?

Many people that promote anything and any business online have trouble mastering this process. Watch my video of the explanation of understanding the online marketing funnel.
There are two different processes you need to understand when you bring people to take action to the next step.

First the lead and advertising process.

Second the sales process, once they purchase.

You must do them in order, or the back end sales do not happen! You also have to know what the end process is in mind before you begin. If you do not know where you are leading your prospects, you will not get conversions in your business. They will leave. As you see, there are a few things you need to have in place before you beginn creating your online marketing funnel.

Take this quick 3 question quiz HERE to help you understand how you can start this process.


Then register for the training so you can see the process of having your end in mind, finding your target audience and market and how you can take them through the process of an effective marketing funnel online. There is a process that once you know your target market, you can educate and talk to them in an effect way using an authority site like a blog to show credibility to your audience. The internet marketing funnel plan does not move if you do not get them to take action. Register for this training to get the ideas that will give you strategies and a plan to test to get people to take action to move into your online marketing funnel to get conversions into your business. There are many different ways people can find you online, yet it is more important to make sure you get in front of the right audience. That is where many get these strategies wrong because they are not getting in front of the right target audience. Know where to find them and how to get them to take action with the strategies and ideas you can present. Take action today and move yourself to learn more about the online marketing funnel by registering this training today HERE.


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