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Video Marketing is HOT for the Internet Business Entrepreneur

Video Marketing is HOT! It is one of the easiest and most effective strategies to drive highly qualified prospects for the internet business entrepreneur to your site for FREE!! Here are a few tips and strategies that can help you understand why videos are so effective: 1. You Build a Community - Especially in social video sites like YouTube, you get to form your own friends and community that see you on a regular basis. 2. Promote Your Own Products  - You get to promote yourself as an internet business entrepreneur and brand yourself in your residual income opportunity.  What can you offer? 3. Promote Your Affiliate Products - Use your own affiliate link in your description and have it unique to your video.  Another way to show your leadership in the tools you use and promote. 4.  List Building - More friends please!  We always need more customers, and what a better way to build your friends is to have another link to promote your unique products. 5.  Trust Building - A picture says a 1,000 words, but what about video?  It should be a million, right!  You see it for yourself and can build trust with all your leads, prospects, and friends you find that can see for themselves. 6.  Content for site - Use your unique video links and post them on your branded website.  Show your prospects your leadership right away. 7.  Make videos GO VIRAL - Also use your video links on your blogs and even squidoo and hubpages.  More places to show leadership. 8. Mail URL's to friends and family - Offer content specifically to what your prospects need.  What a better way to say it in a video just for them! These are just a few reasons why the internet business entrepreneur is using video marketing today.  A great FREE strategy that is taking the internet by storm.

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Love using video in my marketing. These are all excellent tips.


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