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Using Your Weapons of Influence In Your Residual Income Opportunity

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein Every online business entrepreneur needs to have weapons of influence ready to use as a leader in the industry. Why? It's simply part of human behavior that we provide a reason, especially when we ask for favors or get people to make commitments.  I like the simple story of the jewelry store owner that sells turquoise to vacationers.  The owner knows their customers and their reason for buying.  Knowing that vacationers use a standard principle that expensive is good, the price alone is a trigger of what jewelry is more valuable. See how the different components of influence can be applied: 1.  How influence  can be activated. 2. How to trigger this power. 3. How to use the weapons of influence to their full force. Use these 2 principles of human perception to apply these components. 1. The contrast principle: The way we see the difference between 2 things that are presented one after another 2. Perceptual contrast: The way things can be made to seem very different depending on the nature of the event that precedes it. These principles can be powerful because it not only works, but can also be virtually undetectable.  Now go take action with your residual income opportunity applying these components.

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Terri Bork | TerriBork.com
Terri Bork | TerriBork.com

Awesome article Alecia I think it is vital to use your product to its best advantage. This is who you provide value and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough

Influence is one of the most powerful tools that a network marketer has......we must weld it well!!

Perig Vennetier
Perig Vennetier

Great article. In my Network Marketing funded proposal and marketing campaigns, I always deliver the highest possible value for free. I then know that when I recommend something for my team or prospects to buy to help them build their business, something of good quality and value, they will buy. They know that if I give so much value for free, then what I recommend will also be of value. And it always is.


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