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Understanding the Slight Edge in Your Internet Business

watson-sr-think.jpgUnderstanding how the slight edge works in your internet business is a strict strategy.  Is this strategy a secret?  No, these basic strategies our found in "The Slight Edge"  by Jeff Olson.  He suggests that this basic secret ingredient is in your philosophy; more specifically, is the way you think.  Focusing your actions is not enough. "The  formula for success is quite simple: double your rate of failure." -Thomas J. Watson, Sr. (founder of IBM) Have you heard of the phrase, " Failure is not on option?"  Is this really the right mindset?  You know it's going to happen, so why have this mind set?  You may not even want to try. You have to understand the first basic steps of having the right mindset to get started in the slight edge.  The purpose of the Slight Edge is the little steps, routines you do every single day.  They may not make a difference at first in your internet business, but the little things you do everyday can bring you success.

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Excellent mindset change Alicia. You can grab the book from my blog should have a direct reference.

Alicia Billman Kraemer
Alicia Billman Kraemer

I think I need to get that book asap. You have given me a completely different perspective on "failure is not an option". I often have that in mind when I also say never quit. Doing that though, sounds like I may be setting myself up for disappointment, because failure is part of what we do. Not everything works out exactly as planned. Really got me thinking tonight, thanks! =) Now to go find that book.