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Ultimate Success Chronicles Review

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I have had the privelage to be a part of the creation of the new product Kareem Williams created called Ultimate Success Chronicles.  The experts he interviewed are:

Staci Gauny: The Owner Of Tribe Pro
Nicole Cooper: The Mailbox Money Queen
Ray Higdon: Top Money Earner In Numis Network
Norbert Orlewicz: Co Founder Of My Lead System Pro
Bobby Washington: Top Money Earner In ZNZ
Jordan Schultz: Founder Of MLM Mastermind Tribe
Megaran: Very Successful Nerdcore Rapper
Jennifer Sherlock: Very Successful New Reporter From The Tri-State Area
Brian Cole: Facebook Marketing Expert
Layla Black: One Of The Top Recruiters In My Video Talk
Amy Joe Neal: Powerful Internet marketer
Andrea Bolder: Gold Medal Winner
Ramiro Ceballos: Keynote Speaker At The No Excuses 2 Summit
Al-Yassa: Real Estate Agent And Internet Marketer
Anthony Grant: The Godfather Of Facebook PPC
Justin Christianson: Keynote Speaker At The No Excuses 2 summit
Monica Fink: Successful Personal Trainer Fro Arizona
Yo Le: Powerful Internet Marketer
Larry Beacham: Linkedin King
Cedrick Harris: Marekting Guru
Tracey Walker: Top Female Recruiter In MLSP
James Dickerson: Expert In Launching New Company

It has really taught me a lot about myself in how I present my branding, but I can also see how Kareem has learned in the process as well.  Not only in his brand, but as a person himself.  It really makes you look deeper on how others see yourself.

Kareem has a lot of ideas to share and wants to make sure that people are representing their true self. He has passions in music, like I do and is using this project to get to his ultimate goal of just sharing his music to the world. All walks of life must understand these basic concepts to show their ultimate goal and passion in what they have to share with everyone. I highly recommend you see how he puts the branding in order from online to offline. Using resources to how your brand truly comes in full circle. There is so much I learned that I am still applying it in my business.

I was able to get several take-a ways and had several favorite interviews.  It was amazing to hear and really get a feel of how each expert was in a different place of their business. Experts leaned upon other experts as they have also learned strategies from other experts as well.

Each one has their own uniqueness which really comes out in each of their brands. I like how most really knew their mission statement and you can see it in how they created their brand. Very powerful message on how each does their famous pagent star answer in how they will conquer the world to find success. This aspect wanted me to listen to it again and how I can apply my own uniqueness that will really effect and change one to create a mission in this world.

Kareem had some great questions to ask each person he interviewed with their talents in the products they have created, or how they started and shared their brand with their message. Marketing strategy secrets was shared in how each expert has their speciality and focus on how they used their brand. Golden nuggets to take on how you can apply your brand to the market strategies you use in your business.

The experience that was shared in each person he interviewed was priceless. Now you can follow their expert advice and learn from their mistakes and struggles. I encourage you to like and follow his Facebook fan page to stay up to date when the product will officially launch. This Ultimate Success Chronicles Review recommends that this is a grab for sure to take your brand to new levels and apply new techniques you may have not even heard of.

Go and Like: Watch the video for a sneak peak into a couple of interviews.

Go here to get your hands on all the audios:

Comment and ask questions on your brand and ways you are making it stand out. What questions do you have for the experts?


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Kim Mullette
Kim Mullette

Thanks Alecia, I'm going to check this out in a little more detail.


This sounds great Alecia and Kareem is an awesome guy who is always the first to reach out and help anyone else.


Thanks for this great written blog post on the awesome leaders under one roof!

Roger Holmes
Roger Holmes

Alecia, Great review for Kareem's info product. From what i've heard so far it's going to introduce a new standard for interviews!! Tremendous value offered can't wait for the launch!! Thanks for sharing, Roger Holmes

Drew Innes
Drew Innes

Thanks for this fantastic review of the Ultimate Success Chronicles Review. It has inspired me to take action and check it out.