What is amazing is that all of these (most) are FREE!

Let's go through a check list to set up, and then resources to stay updated and check on your twitter on a regular routine.

1. Set up your twitter account! http://twitter.com  Add picture, profile, background.

Background sites: You can always outsource and search http://Fiverr.com for a customized resource for $5. http://www.colourlovers.com/themeleon/twitter http://www.totallylayouts.com/twitter/twitter-backgrounds/ http://www.twitrcovers.com/ http://twitterbackgroundsgallery.com/ http://www.twitterbackground.com/ http://www.snazzyspace.com/twitter-backgrounds/page/1 http://mytweetspace.com/ http://freetwitterdesigner.com/ http://www.twittergallery.com/ There are many more... this is just a small list that I thought would help ūüėČ

2. Set up your Socialoomph account: http://2asuccessdreamblog.com/socialoomph

Make sure you have automatic followers set and Direct Message reply's back to your new followers. (Don't be spammy and send a link other than another social media site like Facebook or your blog. No sales or capture pages!)

3. Set up your hootsuite account to schedule automatic updates/ feeds, etc.

Go to http://2asuccessdreamblog.com/hootsuite to begin.

4. Set up your blog and youtube rss feeds in twitterfeed:

http://twitterfeed.com Be sure to connect to your LinkedIn account too! (Powerful resource)

5.  Start adding followers.

There are automatic tools that can do this, yet I do not list this here. Here is a directory to find high industry twitter leaders: twellow.com Other tools to test adding followers is: http://twittradder.com/ plus http://untweeps.com

6. Unfollow tips:

As you add followers you will need to make sure you have less than 200 that you are following as you reach close to 2,000 followers. Use these tools to help you remove twitter followers to help you reach past 2,000 followers. Careful!  This is the ultimate secret I missed on my training! If you have close to 2,000 twitter followers this is a must tool. http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/ Log into twitter, then let it run. Sometimes it runs slow, just let it run. Let me know if you have questions. http://untweeps.com/

7. As you schedule your tweets and keep up your followers. It's good to see your stats.

http://manageflitter.com/¬†-¬†Check your @reply's RT - Retweets and @DM Direct Messages to take prospects to another level in your business... either on the phone, in person if local, and on Facebook, etc.   Feel free to post: 1. Your questions here. 2. Twitter account. 3. RSS feed link for your blog and youtube. 4. Testimonials (of course!)   Make sure you follow Alecia on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/2success
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