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Top Producer Formula Review

Top Producer Formula Review - Full Overview

Let’s get a full look at the Top Producer Formula of how it came to put together, why this education product was put together and of course what is inside. Then you’ll get an overview of how you can share the product so you can become a top producer in sharing it as well.

yes let me in Why Did Top Producer Formula Be Created?

The Top Producer Formula was created in Seattle, WA at the first regional Impact event of Empower Network back in May 2014. This is focused on helping leaders truly get to the top producer in the industry of network marketing. When you study the industry of how you start a business from brand new and no experience to become a top producer, there are certain formula’s that each of the leaders used. This is not based on luck, as many have thought that they are lucky to be in the spot they are as being a top producer.

Why Top Producer Formula?

The Top Producer Formula was created to help people with the learning curve of understanding the basic concepts and strategies of building successful organizations. You do not need to be in network marketing to excel in using the concepts taught in this product. You can use this training to help your own business, team and employees get more involved in becoming a top producer.

What Is Inside the Top Producer Formula?

There are 9 modules that are in sync together that formulates the top producer formula. What is so exciting about the Top Producer Formula is how they launch it to the public in what is called a micro-launch. The micro-launch is a unique launch schedule that releases new value to the public in a certain timeline that will show the product in the most entirety. There will be several options to take you inside the sales funnel of the back in products of the Top Producer Formula. Like most sales funnels, there is a small, middle and high end priced products. So take the first step and be sure to catch it LIVE as the launch will only take on the fast taker beginner discounts. Once it’s launched, the special pricing will no longer be offered. The LIVE dates to note is August 23, 2014. So be sure to attend this LIVE event to see the neat technology advances to a live sales presentation!

Join HERE for the LIVE Top Producer Formula Event.

click here green What will you learn?

The Unbreakable Commandments of Selling and Recruiting

This has the full intent for you to see the skill mastery method in process. This will allow you to suddenly develop the two skills you’ve got to master if you’re SERIOUS about achieving success in this business: Recruiting and Selling

Becoming a Lead Capture Page Master

David Wood has special guests that will share closely guarded secrets that literally no one else knows, including the EXACT 5 top-performing lead pages and WHY they work to get you more leads than ANYTHING else… and a secret tool that industry-insiders use to create the highest converting lead pages with under 9 mouse clicks! Now that’s a time saver!

Rapid Relationship Rapport & Responsiveness

Do you think you need to friend up everyone you see? You target no one, no one will get in your business. In this LIVE section David Wood will masterfully get to the bottom of why focusing in on problems and solutions is the fastest way to build the rapport that makes people respond to your messaging. On top of that… You’ll find out how to easily develop trust-based relationships that will set you up to sell WITHOUT selling.

Get your LIVE seat before the prices go up HERE!

click here green The live modules inside the Top Producer Formula Includes:

Sponsoring and Selling – Module 1


What should you be focusing on? Money making activities! Those activities are: producing new sales and recruiting.

Other activities will not help you create influence, sponsor the star studded leaders, build massive organizations or help you reach the lifestyle freedom you desire. So listen inside this product and do what they tell you because you do not need to reinvent the wheel!

The true goal is to bring in two people a day… so don’t get caught up in the biggest dirty myth that it’s easy.

Beliefs and Attitudes – Module 2

When we are stuck with our beliefs since we were seven years old, we must find a way to re-program our inner-beliefs and change where they are not serving you.

In order to be a top producer, you must identify which limiting beliefs and values are holding you back and replace them with positive. This will enable you to move in a direction that is going to help you get results.

All of your beliefs, the information in your mind, your values, all the way to your actions need to be in complete and total alignment.

This is aligned in a single direction if you want to accomplish what your well-formed outcomes are to create big results. If you want to create a big team, you want to recruit a lot of people and if you want to sell a lot of products, then watch the direction of your beliefs.

Opportunities excite people to join, yet your beliefs in your team and their ability to succeed is what will excite people to stay.

Lead Capture Pages – Module 3

This is the one thing that most people get stuck in their business. Believe me, it was mine too. I was just posting on my blog. Some just do spamming and do not really understand how important the capture page can do to your business.

When you know all there is to know about sales and persuasion, but don’t have anyone to persuade, it won’t really matter. What you need are people who want what you have to offer. What I’m talking about is leads. And online, you can only collect leads one way…

Lead capture pages, squeeze pages, opt-in pages…

Whatever you call ‘em. These are the most important online recruiting tool that you MUST know like and back of your hand.

What you are going to see is the CMO of Empower Network, Mars Burden, who has built out some of the highest performing Lead Capture pages in online marketing.

Then you’ll see the amazing Rob Rammuny, Empower’s prodigy that has created a 6-figure online business before he was out of high school. Watch his expertise that most guru’s takes decades to learn.

Watch them LIVE by clicking HERE and reserving your seat!

start here green

They will bring on the heat and drop some lead page knowledge that literally no one else knows, including:

The EXACT 5 top-performing lead pages and precisely WHY they work to get you more leads than ANYTHING else, plus… The secret tool that industry-insiders use to create the highest-converting lead pages with under 9 mouse clicks!

Mechanics and Strategy – Module 4

There is a method to this madness!

Make money selling something and to do that you must build a list, present to the list and close the list.

What you need to understand about how this works is that it’s not the strategy that makes it work. The strategy is just a way to make the principle behind what you are doing.

Master the steps of recruiting and getting someone to look at a presentation is you must create rapport and value in order for people to look at something.

Rapport is responsiveness. When you recruit, you need someone who responds to you like you have social authority. If people respond to the way you behave and respond to your questions, they respond to your energy.

Most people build their business depending on the skills of people in their team. The problem is that their team doesn't have any skills.

Rapport and Responsiveness and Relationships – Module 5

Repeat the RRR!

That fastest way is to repeat. Repeat by uncovering your prospects problems by leading them to the solution.

When you give people solutions to the problems they are having right now, you will build rapport and responsiveness with them over time.

If you are speaking to their problems and showing them how to overcome those problems, they’re going to start to trust you with business information.

To create responsiveness with a list you have to give value so people will look at your stuff and respond to it.

You will find target specific problems that you can solve in your business. When you solve those problems, you give people value, they will then listen to you and keep listening to you for a long time.

Generating Highly Targeted Leads

Online methods like Facebook, Craigslist and Online Magazines to get leads to local events.

Knowing the key elements and specific process from room set-up to how instructions are made to how testimonials are shared to how your presentation is shared so that you can be most effective in delivering your offering and converting sales.

top producer formula

Closing and Signing People Up On the Phone – Module 7

Your competition makes it easy for you to bring new people into your business because they focus on sell-sell-sell, failing to understand the most important element of selling is understanding your prospect’s problems.

The key to unlocking more sales, deepening rapport and building a stronger organization is to help solve the problems people are having. Do this by asking questions that will allow you to uncover the problems they are experiencing.

To get better results with people is when you find out what they want and connect with that. They are going to stick around longer and buy more from you.

People respond to pitches when you give them value.

Objections do not exist. Objections are simply questions you’re prospect has which you have not yet answered.

They are going to join you, your vision and the belief that, if they join you, they are going to get what they want.

Up-selling and Getting People All In – Module 8

As a leader, it is your responsibility to lead by example for your team and organization. If you’re not going to get in the top package you can in your business, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously?

The two ways to upsell people in your organization are to lead by example and to get in touch with their core desires, which are one to two steps beneath what they say they want.

It takes the same effort, same conversation that can average $1,000 rather than $25 when you focus on getting to someone’s core desires.

If you don’t have information about what they want, you have no leverage.


Focus on their core desires isn’t just for sponsoring but also for leading your team. If you don’t know what your team wants, you can’t help them get it and you can’t influence them.

Presentation Formula – Module 9

This one is classic. When you understand the flow of this formula, it becomes more natural. Simply watch it LIVE here when you register for the LIVE event before the prices increase!

There’s a 12-step formula to creating presentations that goes across different mediums of presentations from the internet, to conference calls to hotel meetings.

1. Get their attention 2. Develop a relationship 3. Earn the Right 4. Clarify their problem 5. Show them a solution 6. Set clear expectations 7. Provide social proof 8. Present the benefits 9. Provide an irresistible offer 10. Take away their risk 11. Give them a reason to take action 12. Provide a clear call to action

Live Internet Event Recruiting Sales Strategy - Module 10

Language to invite people to a team hangout: We’re going to do a special team hangout where we’re going to teach you some strategies to build your business faster, make more money and recruit more people with less work. Can I count on you to make it? Your sales will go down if your focus is on helping everyone one-on one.


You will generate more sales and create more up sells when you realize you can’t help everyone. You limit access to yourself and help people on your team in groups. Teach people to give results-based testimonials which are concise, talk about before and after the problem, then the solution and what happened specifically as a result.

Magic closing formula: “What did you like best about the presentation?”

“Yes, I thought so, too. It sounds like you’re ready to get started.”

“How do you want your name spelled on your checks?”

“Welcome aboard. We’re having a team call tomorrow night. It’s private. I’m going to send you an exclusive invite to our Facebook group.”

Live Local Event Recruiting - Module 11


Using online and offline marketing, you’ll see how to leverage the internet to pack a room full of prospects to leverage a presentation.


We show you how to leverage the internet to automate your registration process for your live event and share tools to automate the process without having to pick up the phone.

Keala teaches specific details about creating an event funnel including registration page, thank you page and email communication. And, teaches how to do this without using the phone and shares all specific tools and links.

He mastered this with him coming from dirt poor working in a coffee shop, and working the drive to be a master presenter with this gangster strategy.

Creating Live Groups - Module 12

Doing live groups will force you to get people to attend, your communication skills will start to improve, and you’ll start getting really good at doing calls to action.

When you show up live in front of people each week, you’ll start to develop a charismatic following.


Painting A Vision For The Future - Module 13


Three steps to the Law of Attraction are to have a clear outcome on what you want to accomplish, chunk towards your sources of motivation and take massive action with whatever it is you know how to do.

Top Producers don’t worry about being perfect, they take action, and they adjust their actions with feedback and new information.

“Since you’re never going to be perfect anyway, you might as well just take action right now.”

It’s important to study, do and teach simultaneously. People who create amazing things in their lives act as if things are happening that seem impossible to others.

Everything you learn has challenges but when you’re motivated, you step into your future and create what you want. When you’re focused on an outcome, all of your energy and attention is poured into that outcome, you stay focused on it, you talk about it and you act on it.


Everything you do matters. Everything you do changes people.

How Can You Share the Top Producer Formula?

The only way to share the information taught inside the Top Producer Formula is to become and affiliate with Empower Network. If you do share, you will get caught stealing information. So be sure to understand and learn the income disclosure forms as well as all compliance forms with the company. The owners and affiliates wants this company to continue to stay solid with the solid information shared inside the products.

What is unique to how it is shared is the Micro-launch plan which includes a trip-wire format that is a LIVE event.

The only way to really understand and get the inside information of how the micro-launch is put together is to become an affiliate. Watch how the company and affiliates are promoting this product as well to learn the launch process.

Be sure to subscribe to Alecia’s emails so you can get the live full picture! Click the button below to hear her stories of learning the Top Producer Formula when it was presented in Seattle.

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