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The Tools You Need to Position Your Residual Income Opportunity

People have trouble being able to position their residual income opportunity because they are hung up on the words, the understanding and what it takes to be successful. Look how these 11 steps can take you to the next level on positioning your online business. 1. You must understand the role of words.  This takes the basic rule of semantics.  The words don't contain meanings, the meanings are in the people using the words.  You must choice words that trigger the meanings you want to establish... Power of language. 2. You must know how words affect people.  See how they trigger the mind.  Sometimes it can relate to how it relates to something else.  With the right choice of words, you can influence the thinking process. 3. You must be careful of change.  More things that change, the more they remain the same.  Grow into the long term. 4. You need vision.  Short term - agitation, long term - stick with the basic strategies.  Once you have positioned your residual income opportunity in the right direction, it will be ready to accept the currents of change and will move toward the right direction of the vision you create. 5. You need courage.  This leadership position depends not only on luck, but in timing also.  The courage comes in when you have willingness to put more in to it when others stand back and wait. 6. You need objectivity.  Eliminate any ego from the decision-making process.  See how your customers or prospects are looking at your online business.  This is where a mentor is helpful.  Someone to bounce ideas.  Give and take ideas can help refine and perfect your business on many levels. 7. You need simplicity.  Becoming overwhelming prevents your residual income opportunity from succeeding.  The obvious isn't always so obvious.  Sometimes it's just the simple ideas that work and simple solutions help solve those complex problems. 8. You need subtlety.  Find open positions that you can walk into.  Keep this in balance: a unique position and an appeal that is not too narrow. 9. You must be willing to sacrifice.  Be willing to give up something to establish a unique position.  Remember you can't be all things to everyone and still keep a powerful position. 10. You need patience.  Location, location, location... Build upon one market then move on to another. 11. You need a global outlook.  Don't overlook this worldwide thinking.  It's easy to make a worldwide impact on the internet. What you don't need is to start a reputation as a marketing genius.  No matter what, we are all humans!  Everyone starts at the bottom.  And the better players are going to survive. Join a leader, Alecia, today that will help you position your residual income opportunity.

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Yet another great post Alecia, just when I think that you can't possibly provide any more value without charging people for it you share this post with all of us. WOW Thank you for your leadership.


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