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Realistic Goal Making For the Online Business Entrepreneur

Making realistic goals is a MUST DO in any business as an online business entrepreneur.  First need to evaluate where you are as an online business entrepreneur. Are you just getting started? Have you been established and taking your internet business to the next level? Most home based business entrepreneurs need to get up front cash flow to get their business started before being able to generate the residual income possibilities. Whichever your level of goals, make sure it is realistic to be achievable in different levels: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Once you set your goals according to your level, write it down! This is the most important step you can make because it sets it down in stone and allows you to make an action plan.  It allows you to commit yourself to the goals you write down. It's important as an online business entrepreneur to set goals that involve all aspects of your life: spiritually, physically, relationships and financial.  Lastly before you commit your goals, be sure to communicate your goals to those that are involved. Here is a neat guide I found from Ray Silverstein that helps you have an outline for setting your goals that will keep it simple so that it is not too overwhelming. smart-move-full-color-rgb-for-web-and-monitors-useUse the SMART SYSTEM: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Realistic T – Timely Specific, achievable and realistic--Make sure your goals are concrete, concise and attainable. Instead of, "I want to make a lot more money this year," specify "I want to increase my revenues by X percent (a realistic amount) by the end of the year." Measurable--Frame your goals in such a way so you can measure your progress. For example, plan on measuring monthly or quarterly revenues against last year's figures--something you should be doing anyway.  If you are just beginning, set a realistic amount to start. Timely--Give yourself a reasonable time frame for achieving your goal. Then break it down into smaller, short-term increments. Realistically, you may not achieve that X percent increase early in the year, but you can work toward it. Divide your goal percent increase into monthly or quarterly increments that allows you to build on your momentum. This produces measurable, attainable and short-term goals to pursue. Remember what Ray says: Also, beware of "BHAGs"--big, hairy, audacious goals. Super-ambitious goals are great when it comes to long-range planning and decision making, but they don't lend themselves to goal setting. Focus on attainable goals that you can realistically reach within the year. It's easy to make resolutions, but it's hard to make them come true. No wonder some entrepreneurs make the same resolutions every year, without ever achieving them. Don't let yourself fall into that group. This year, resolve to set SMART goals and action plans. Tell others to hold you accountable and take action!  Get started as an online business entrepreneur today.  

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2 Main Reasons People Don’t Buy Into A Online Business Entrepreneur Opportunity

On Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010, I had the privilege to attend one of Jeffery Combs and Jerry Clark's event in Dallas, Texas.  Coming back motivated to improve on the areas that still need some guidance.  They seem to pick at all those areas in your life that you are weak and make you break through till it becomes a part of you.  You become a new person inside and how you can perceive yourself to others. A lot of golden nuggets that I was able to take and many other got different ones that applied to them.  I'm sure if you came, that you would get something that applied to you. One main thing I took away was the ability to not take business personally.  If you do, you find ways to procrastinate. So here are two main reasons why people don't buy: 1. Prejudge: A person already has a perceive notion of what it is and that they are not going to buy. 2. Object: There are five main objections people use to say no.  Money, time, think about it, need to research more and need a 3rd party approval. Learn how to find these reasons and don't take it personally.  You will take those small things and go far into your business as a professional online business entrepreneur when you don't let it bother you.  

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6 Steps to 7 Figures For Your Online Business – Basic Tips For Starting A Business

My good friend, Cedrick, had a great call today on the 6 steps to 7 Figures.  Here are some notes, in case you missed it.  To get the full effect, you need to play the video while you read it! 1. Motivation - What is your motivation to keep you in the game, stay up late, attend conference calls, follow the trainings provided, that makes you continue to strive for your goal? 2. Heart - Learn from Jeffrey Combs, with his book, More Heart Than Talent.  You know people or successful at this industry and you see that it works.  What is going to make your heart to take on the challenges that you face.  Are you watching that video above?  You know Rocky had to have heart to keep on competing to stay in the game.  What about you? 3. Production - What are you doing?  You better be producing every single day.  How much are you producing?  Video, article, what are you doing to get yourself out their on the internet?  Adding friends, sending emails, the list can go on.... just make sure you are producing. 4. Creativity - Bring something different to the table.  Think outside the box and make it unique.  We give you examples of what works, but are you just copying and pasting, or making it your own and changing up that headline? 5. Your Personal Development - Who are you becoming?  Who do you surround yourself in?  What training are you doing?  Recommended minimum is 4 hours a week.  You must be do something to put in for yourself for others. 6. Leadership - Lead by example.  Act as if you sign up 5 people a day.  If you stop focusing on the money and just focus on the process, the money will come.  Make it happen by show that you have leadership for your team. Keep these 6 steps in focus as you build your online business empire today.  Comment on how these steps will help you go to the next level as an online business entrepreneur.  Be sure to register on the blog for future tips for starting a business.  

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How To Accomplish Goals Easily As An Internet Business Entrepreneur

"When you set small, visible goals, and people achieve them, they start to get it into their heads that they can succeed.  They break the habit of losing and begin to get into the habit of winning." - Chip Heath & Dan Heath Former UCLA coach John Wooden, one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, once said, "When you improve a little each day, eventually big things occur... Don't look for the quick, big improvement.  Seek the small improvement one day at a time.  That's the only way it happens - and when it happens, it lasts." Coaches seem to be the master pushing their teams to reach those small visible goals to build momentum.  You can guarantee a small win, but you can be wise about things that are under control.  You can control how you lead up to the win. Select small wins that have 2 traits: 1. Meaningful 2. Within immediate reach Accomplish these small targets, leads to small victories, and small victories can often trigger a positive spiral of behavior.  Behavior that will continue to the big goals you have set.  Big changes come from a succession of small changes.  They start to feel less scared and less reluctant.  That starts the feeling of change.  The journey that starts with dread evolves into confidence and pride. Start your journey with a small step by subscribing for more valuable tips and tricks you can apply as an internet business entrepreneur today below:

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9 Tips On How To Be A Successful Leader

Diagram on How to Be A LeaderBecoming a successful leader is what we all strive as online entrepreneur.  Take these nine tips and apply them one at a time as you build a successful team in your online business. 1. Begin with praise and honest appreciation. Beginning with praise is like a Dentist starting his work with pain killing Novocain.  Takes the edge off of uncomfortable situations sometimes. 2. Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly. This is easy for teachers sometimes in the classroom.  They see the wonderful students doing their tasks correctly, while there are still students not on task.  The teacher calls on those students and praises them and emphasizes their wonderful job while indirectly talk to those students who are not doing as those students that are being praised.  It doesn't point the students out directly, just shows them what they could be doing for wonderful praises. 3. Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person. People make mistakes as they begin to make new experiences in their lives.  So it's easy to just tell others of your own mistakes, so they can learn from yours as well.  Some people just need to experience the same mistakes to learn in their own ways. 4. Ask questions instead of giving direct orders. Using this technique allows a person to correct their own errors.  It can even save a person's pride and give them a feeling of importance if they learn it is their own decision.  People are more likely to accept an order if they have had a part in the decision that caused the order to be issued. 5. Let the other person save face. It can always be other issues that come in to factor, but it certainly is no the lack of trying for the failure.  Learn and understand what was the reason behind of the failure before blaming an issue. 6. Praise the slightest improvement and praise every improvement. It's not just the "you're good" compliment, but specifically pointing out how their work was superior and how they have made an accomplishment. 7. Give the other person a fine reputation to live up to. If you want to excel in the role of changing, you must first change your attitude or behavior for others to see.  Remember that old saying, "Give a dog a bad name and you may as well hang him, But give him a good name - and see what happens!" 8. Use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to correct. If you want to help others to improve, you must make that fault easy to correct.  No matter how many little steps it takes.  Keep being that cheerleader to get there. 9. Make the other person happy about doing the thing you suggest. The effective leaders change attitudes and behaviors by being sincere, knowing what their goals are, being empathetic, knowing the benefits they are seeking, and how to personally get them to be rewarded. As you are seeking out online business ideas and finding ways on how you can learn and be effective as an online entrepreneur, consider applying these 9 tips into your life and you can see improvements not only in business, but in your personal life as well. In a work from home opportunity, it is best to find a leader to work with.  One that has a system in place that knows how to dominate and destroy the competition.  This leader should have all the insider secrets, exact websites, exact marketing approach, and the residual income home business marketing strategies that ALL top earners have in place.  Learning from a leader can make you into a leader instantly.  Position yourself from the top on day one in your work from home opportunity. Soaking in some good tips for starting a business is that others can see you as a leader who can help move them closer to their goals… Or you have a marketing system, skills, or knowledge… that will help them make money. When you know how to do BOTH of those things… people will literally be sucked to you like you’re a marketing magnet. When you know knowledge like we teach here and on my team…you have serious advantages over 99.9% of the other network marketers out there… There literally is ZERO competition. Become The Hunted NOW!   See how VITAL attraction marketing is. We want to make sure we build a solid foundation before moving forward together so we’ve put together some free videos for YOU!) Oh, and get this… More tips for starting a business, instead of you having to build a website from scratch that positions you as a leader building passive income opportunities, learn html, test, tweak, and then learn how to make it into a duplicable system for your team IF you ever see results, we’ve completed this painful process for you. You’ll see after a few days you learn how to truly leverage yourself and build relationships with thousands of people all at once.  Now THAT is exciting!    

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7 Steps to How To Make Valuable Videos As An Online Business Entrepreneur

As an online business entrepreneur, successful entrepreneurs start by branding themselves with videos. Here are a view tips to help make those videos a little easier to make. The more you make videos, the easier it gets. 1. Welcome - Welcome your visitors with just saying hello, and your name. 2. Credibility - State where you are from, or what makes you credible for making the video. 3. Hook - State the problem, why you want your visitors to stick around. 4. Story/Background - This creates more of a warm market for your visitors when they learn a little about you. 5. Pain - State what pain or frustration brought you or inspired you to make this video. 6. Solution - What solution will you give your visitors. 7. Call to action - Create an action step you want your visitors to take. Like go visit this online business entrepreneur site to learn more about this topic. The more value you put in your visitors, the more likely they will come back and see more of what you have to offer. Take these 7 action steps to make your videos more valuable as an online business entrepreneur. Be sure to leave a comment if these 7 steps are helpful and if not what would you like to see. Here are a couple videos I made that will help you in your video marketing as well.

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Using Your Weapons of Influence In Your Residual Income Opportunity

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." -Albert Einstein Every online business entrepreneur needs to have weapons of influence ready to use as a leader in the industry. Why? It's simply part of human behavior that we provide a reason, especially when we ask for favors or get people to make commitments.  I like the simple story of the jewelry store owner that sells turquoise to vacationers.  The owner knows their customers and their reason for buying.  Knowing that vacationers use a standard principle that expensive is good, the price alone is a trigger of what jewelry is more valuable. See how the different components of influence can be applied: 1.  How influence  can be activated. 2. How to trigger this power. 3. How to use the weapons of influence to their full force. Use these 2 principles of human perception to apply these components. 1. The contrast principle: The way we see the difference between 2 things that are presented one after another 2. Perceptual contrast: The way things can be made to seem very different depending on the nature of the event that precedes it. These principles can be powerful because it not only works, but can also be virtually undetectable.  Now go take action with your residual income opportunity applying these components.

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