Have you ever seen the American Ninja Warrior?

....Ever been on a TV show?

We'll it was a first experience for me...

You see if you have never seen the show, or experienced it, you really don't know what to expect.

When we came up to it, the whole scene looked like a carnival to me.

2015-03-29 21.25.03 Then realized it was more like an obstacle course. Learning how you really need upper strength, especially in your hands on grip showed the guys that went through the fartherest. But what you really may want to know, is how I got the opportunity to be in the audience... which airs in May I believe... So let me know if you see my shining face wearing a yellow dress 😉 lol me Bryan knows some people competing in it, which was fun to hear a little of their journey in the process to get to apply for their spot for the show. You may also care to know how my life is changing yet again from this one weekend... You see Bryan and I have known each other since high school! (Yes, about 20 years ago!) The fun memory we have is that we always hung out with a ton of fun friends. One weekend we went to the Lake House for Easter weekend... I don't think the guys were prepared to stay till Sunday, especially to go to the Yacht Club. So Bryan really remembers having to borrow my Dad's pants that day! Fun memories! We never dated in high school though, yet always good friends. Then, since Christmas, I think it was timing as we were both open to a new relationship. We became reconnected a while back through our high school friends, and which we really weren't that close anymore. Plus we don't really have that many friends similar either. Yet, long enough ago, that he saw me go through my divorce... And has always listened and been very supportive in what I do. When you truly see the heart of someone, things just fall in place. More may be shared in a video later of those stories... stay tuned! 😉 Follow me on those exclusive twitter stories here: http://twitter.com/2asuccess What I learned most from my mentors is the power of focus, especially when your feelings are strong, your environment is changing. Some never master anything before moving to something new. Focus hard enough to get results and make improvements till you see the $20k goal. Get better at one thing at a time. It's fun to be aligned with powerful mentors that are working daily on improving their own results and conversions. Sure, the obstacles are very clear! Freedom still does not seem to be a reality till it's closer to the financial goals, and the tricky, yet challenging new parenting plan as moving to Houston is clearer. Yet, so blessed that I see more opportunity with what I do with playing piano and marketing online is more of a demand there. Being hurt in the past in not being supportive seems to creep up as I become stronger mentally knowing more of myself. Simply being loyal to who I am. Not being dependent on others on how I should think or feel. As I wanted to please others more than myself. Realizing I need to be true to me first. So the fear I must overcome is failure. Not creating enough income, since I have never supported myself. Only time in my life is when I had almost 30 piano students in college and that barely brought enough! Having that in front of me, also keeping mentally strong as faced with the new changes I want to make. Finding that moment of courage is me having the strength to share this story! Courage and confidence that I will reach my success dreams that I have been seeking is two rings: wedding and millionaire! millionaire The moment I was able to go to Houston, meet his parents, and really see what's possible was the moment I felt like it was closer to achieve the goals. Crazy, like events have done that to me before as well. Coming back from Houston made more of a confirmation that I wanted to move. Taking serious action to help me move back to where I grew up, which will seem like home to me. Yet, challenging as I will be far away from my parents and family! If your like me and see how you can focus with a strong mentor. No matter where you are at, you have a success dream you are seeking too. Where you will be financially free with automatic profits coming in online automatically day and night. Turn yourself stronger out of the mental abuse you give yourself daily, and focus on your life on what you really deserve. See how you can join me in a success dream journey too. Click the link to see more. start-here-green
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