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Something for Nothing in an Internet Home Based Business?

working-mom.jpgI was reading thru a thread on the Work-At-Home-Forum and a couple of things stood out to me.

1) Some people continue to want something for nothing and
2) Those same people can’t seem to recognize real value even when it’s biting them in the butt!
No matter what business you decide to be a part of, whether it’s a traditional brick-and-mortar or a internet home-based business, you are going to have to invest something; time or money or both!Even owning a Mexican food restaurant, for example, takes a significant investment in both time AND money!
In the home-based business area, it’s still going to take one or the other to be successful.
And investing a significant amount of both is the quickest way to success. However, for someone with little or no funds, a quality internet home-based business offers a way to have a successful and profitable business without the 100’s of thousands of dollars that a traditional business usually requires.
You just have to invest your time rather than your money.  Time is valuable now a days, and you will find a way to make it most productive.
As to value, I agree that there are internet home based businesses out there that are just after your money and provide very little value in return.  But most do provide some value.
Whether or not that value is worth the financial investment is up to the individual purchaser. However, many people only look at value in terms of the financial ROI; ie-how much money will I make?

I wonder if they ever consider other returns on their investment? 

Things like training and personal development.  Often these things are worth far more than the “product” or “opportunity” that one is purchasing.
The training is far and above anything I have seen with any other company.  I have had access to training from the best of the best in internet marketing.
The training that would have cost me 10’s of  thousands of dollars to purchase on my own was provided to me with no additional charges or fees.  I have been involved in training by people like Mike Dillard, Jeffrey Combs, Cherie Yvette, and so many more! So, whether I had ever made a sale or not, received any commissions or not, I feel like I would have already gotten a great return on my investment.  And that return continues!

So, when you’re looking into a internet home based business opportunity, remember two things:

1) Regardless of what the marketing hype tells you, to be successful you will have to make a significant investment of your time or your money or both and

2) Look beyond the surface to see the true ROI.  It takes wisdom to see the value of your future.

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