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Social Proof

How important is social proof?

Do you need to see it to believe it? Is that check really real? I can't take that check to the bank and cash it, can you? This check was created to show proof what really is possible. Yes, LT, who I came in under in Empower Network generated this income in 90 days. Commission earned from June 2012 to September 2012. Showing proof that this is really possible. (You should see the check from the last event. Tripled that!)   Coming from a mindset that he didn't think it was even possible to create 12,000 in a single month online. Coming from a background of hard workers. An engineer that dreamed of having a lifestyle like the check in this picture shows. What is your background? Do you come from a family that always struggled? Or always provided for you, and you are now scared to be making this on your own?   Think about it, a $3,000 sale. Most people don't make that a month. Plugging into a platform, that enables you to get the freedom to create what you are worth.  

Get over the fear, and just do it.

Step into your fear, so you can really jump into your greatness. One of the biggest fears is criticization. I get criticized everyday... you think first, do you blame yourself? What did you do for them to say that?   It's the power of the mind to control that: It's not what you think, it's how you think! Be empowered to control your own success dreams! Believe and click the link below to be inspired and inspire others.


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