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Small Business Tips: Why Social Networking Allows You To Gain Trust

Small Business Tips:  All small business and the online business entrepreneur today are jumping on the most traffic websites to be seen.  Not only do business take advantage of the high volume traffic of the social networks, but finds way to personally connect with their prospects. Here is a list of ways that online business systems are taking advantage of gaining prospects trust: 1. Email marketing: This process takes a little longer to gain a prospects trust, but being consistent and delivering what they need will profit you in the long run. 2. Social Networks: Instagram, Facebook, Linked-In, YouTube, just to name a few are places that people have personal accounts and prospects can interact with you quicker on comments, feedback through likes and favorites, and even email messages as well.  This is a good place for those to start that are not real tech savvy yet. 3. Yahoo Answers: People enjoy searching for answers that they would like to solve.  A perfect place to find prospects that are searching for a solution.  Most would like instant results... 4. Stumble Upon, Digg, del.icio.us: These are bookmarking sites that people have recommended sites that people can search for related topics.  Usually the ones with more comments or digg's are more resourceful.    People bookmark sites that they refer to others. So take a few moments and connect personally on this site and others you recommend by tweeting it through twitter.  Adding a Facebook share, and bookmarking it to your favorite bookmark site below.  Don't forget to put a comment below to tell how you enjoy connecting personally to others.  If you can't think of any thing to say... just give a shout out... and let me know you are alive, my friend! Take notes on this one:

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Toni Strand
Toni Strand

I'm going to check into those I am not currently doing. Traveling right now. I miss my computer! Thanks for sharing.

Sonny Lanorias
Sonny Lanorias

Hi Alecia, thanks for sharing this post. I am going to share this on my facebook wall. It is true that the key here is "connecting" because although the internet makes life and business easier, automation is just half the equation. Never disregard the human element which is the other half. The internet is just a tool wherein you can build relationships faster than you could ever imagine. There you see that it still goes back to relationships. So this is why connecting with your prospects or leads is the key. Very nice blog Alecia. Keep it going :)