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Small Business Tips: Use the Rule of 7

Small business tips for success depends far more than keeping in touch with your prospects.  When it comes to marketing, it is extremely important not to drop a ball too soon! Remember "the Rule of Seven" when trying to convert a lead into a sell.  You should contact people at least seven times before they REALLY focus on your offer.  Seven times before they decide to take action to buy anything from you.  Of course, it does happen quite often that people decide sooner, but don't bank on that. The great news is that the Internet business model allows us to speed up the process.  In the "traditional" model, it could be several days, quite often weeks.  For example you send a flier, mail information package, call in a few days. Now with the online business systems, you can have on your website special information just for those seriously interested prospects.  With auto responders they can have content in SECONDS! Following up personally within a few hours with an email directing them to specific information.  It makes it easier when you follow up with a phone call, you feel like you already know each other. Please remember it takes about seven contacts before quitting.  I am astonished how often people give up after contacting potential customers just after two or three attempts.  Learn more small business tips in a webinar on Wednesday at 9 PM EST.

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