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Scientific Advertising Insights

Click HERE to download the book and read for yourself: Special insight: In 1907 Hopkins was paid 185k per year. Equal to 4.3 million today! Here are a few of my notes taken on the hangout: Main purpose of this book is: Profit, no fluff. Feel good. Just to make it feel good. When you pay money for ads, you drive traffic to make a profit. So, when you test, you'll find ugly ads work best. The scaling principle. If you make advertiser makes a mistake, could cost you thousands. Make hundreds a sales not work. You create ads and their purpose is to get you into profit. Marketing funnel. Path. Ad to be intriqued, congruent to take to next step. Advertising best use, when you are the buyer. Avatar, the exact person. Advertising to everybody, your advertising to nobody. Wasting ad dollars. Sell something they didn't work, Steak to vegetarian. CPC - traffic, cost per click. Take action. EPC - earnings per click. Not to say they bought something. High scale, high end, it is the most important number for scaling. Producing .05 every time they buy or not. Gross amount of income coming in. Whether they come in or not. Greatest amount of money is increased volume and tight profits. Contact, contact, versus just focused on a homerun. Even down to a penny. What if I generate 10K visitors, learn how to scale up faster. Per CLICK. Ex. 1000 leads, $1000 earned. Clicks can get a better understanding on focusing on what source of traffic. Based upon EPC - CPA offers are based on that. What people in the network are earning. Ex. Satilite vs. Cat Food Breaks down to network. How much to drive to increase clicks CPL - $1000, 100 leads. $1 a lead, .90 a click? converting at 40%, then check venders. How do I get lead to buyers. cpa = cost per aquisition What does it cost to aquire a new customer? CPM - Cost per thousand impressions. Headline is the most important part of an ad. Split test headline. Current customer versus new? Current for sure! Once the customer has a different relationship. More you segment, the better. Bonuses for new customer is worth, advertising, etc. Once they have you as a customer, they have your phone number. They will call you on specials. Dept. just for upsales. 2 things that work good, is one that works with time... faster v6 to v12 on cars. Computer 8GB to 16 GB Fast food, get bigger. Speed to implement. 2. Done for you. Ease. Trainer, bootcamp on pdf. Come in and physically. Visit and kick your but. Way more driven to fix something, then prevent something. Pay money to loose money. Solve a problem they have now, instead of the insurance. Life insurance agents. Most don't retire for years. But have to bring future into present. Then they don't do it. Time is essance, cheaper now. Fix something versus prevent something. Age, will incorporate. Name. Wendy's, Attach to something to associate. Can't do it on a small scale, can't do large. Changing habits. Smoke after I eat. Only wear shoes not flip flops. Not part of their habit. High end marketer, help change you and doesn't take any extra time. Taking bariers. Won't change any extra time and it's easy. Follow directions and listen. Samples work... Free Price it. $297. One time offer, if you do. I'll give it to you for free. 1. Position you have that are more high end. 2. Might not even know what you are worth. Buy physically. Small tweaks. One time offers. Test it and see who buys better. Negative ad is where you do not want to be. Pain marketing. Good teeth a long time ago. Dentist.. before after. Bad and good. Pain or pleasure. Not worthy, don't deserve. Use positive reinforcement. Don't do this correctly. Always. If you know it cost $1000. Then you know exactly what a million would cost. If it's working, it will work on a large amount. Always test it to work. Then scaling up. Purpose is to make sales. Advertise to brand. Truly is to make sales. Spoke differently how we speak. Anyone building it again? In advertising. Creating campaign. Sit at a door to door salesman. Person - women. Appeal to that women, better ad going to the next level. Next month book of the month is: Amazon link: The Richest Man in Babylon You'll learn your relationship with money, back in time. Wealthest city in time. Grow your business to success dreams! Get instant access to a free training on traffic and conversions inside what Alecia recommends:

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