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Recommended Cheap Website Domain

Best Place To Get A Website Domain

I know how to use the GoDaddy domain to the new Empower Network version... Get your domain at: http://2asuccessdreamblog.com/godaddy and search google for godaddy coupons for the best code. Last I got a domain, we used a coupon code and got a domain for $1.19 Total Try this link: http://x.co/2dgFC There are many options, just see what is best for you.

Best Place To Get A Website Domain

You want to look for a place that will help you make it easy to get a domain that is catchy and easy for people to remember as you tell people where you are located online. Another tip I have learned about getting a domain is not to get the number 2 in your domain. When you tell people about your domain, you get confused whether it's a number or the letters to. So I have learned my lesson with www.2asuccess.com Also, don't make it too long that people will have a hard time in remembering. When doing a website in a voice message for people to return your message, you might want to consider getting your phone number as the domain. That way, they have it listed on the caller id and makes it easy for them to look back and go to the computer to find it. When you go and register a domain, there are several services that I have had experience with.


One is with GoDaddy. I recommend this one, because their customer service is great, and reasonable on price. You can usually catch GoDaddy coupons by just googling it. I'll leave a few here to use from my affiliate link too: http://aleciastringer.com/blog/godaddy-coupon-code Whenever you find a recommended sponsor in your business, it's good to ask them first for their affiliate link, so you can be true and respectful to one that works with you most. Watch out when purchasing with GoDaddy, because the upsell you on a lot of products. I only use their service for their domains. I tried the hosting and it was confusing to keep updating the plug ins and more. Since it was shared hosting with other sites, it was always slow and not a great service.

Host with Hostgator or Empower

As far as hosting, I like to use Hostgator. The customer service has always been helpful. They have many options for your site as well. The amazing part is, you don't need this when you get the Empower Network blog. It's all self hosted. The new blog beast version 2 of Empower Network, is not based on any type of platform like WordPress. It's a brand new platform that stand on it's own. There are more viral features that you can take advantage of in the community as well. You can do what is called 'reblogging.' Take a blog that you like and reuse the content with your reaction. More features, like make a post for certain blogs, team members, etc. is available. Another great feature that you can set up over 50 blogs inside one Empower Network blog. This is a feature that is different than categories. It allows one to really customize for different niches and target different people. This is much better for the SEO ranking ideas as well. There is a way for you to SEO each blog, and each blog post as well. More powerful features that helps your blog get seen even more. Even if you have your own website, it is suggested that you use the Empower blog because it is easier to be found and searched in the search engines. I have seen numerous examples of how people are able to rank in Empower. Especially due to their results. I have several keywords ranked in google with the blog as well. When you get in with Alecia's team, we make sure your new blog is set up to the domain correctly with the right mapping that is done. Plus customized with the correct SEO features and to your overall goals for your site. There are endless possibilities and can truly create any website that is active. Endless and easy too. This platform is very user friendly that you do not have to worry about any coding. Download the app on your phone and start blogging today!

More people you can reach with this mobile blogging platform!

Get started and start the endless possibilities toward your success dreams today. Alecia Stringer

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