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Realistic Goal Making For the Online Business Entrepreneur

Making realistic goals is a MUST DO in any business as an online business entrepreneur.  First need to evaluate where you are as an online business entrepreneur. Are you just getting started? Have you been established and taking your internet business to the next level? Most home based business entrepreneurs need to get up front cash flow to get their business started before being able to generate the residual income possibilities. Whichever your level of goals, make sure it is realistic to be achievable in different levels: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Once you set your goals according to your level, write it down! This is the most important step you can make because it sets it down in stone and allows you to make an action plan.  It allows you to commit yourself to the goals you write down. It's important as an online business entrepreneur to set goals that involve all aspects of your life: spiritually, physically, relationships and financial.  Lastly before you commit your goals, be sure to communicate your goals to those that are involved. Here is a neat guide I found from Ray Silverstein that helps you have an outline for setting your goals that will keep it simple so that it is not too overwhelming. smart-move-full-color-rgb-for-web-and-monitors-useUse the SMART SYSTEM: S – Specific M – Measurable A – Achievable R – Realistic T – Timely Specific, achievable and realistic--Make sure your goals are concrete, concise and attainable. Instead of, "I want to make a lot more money this year," specify "I want to increase my revenues by X percent (a realistic amount) by the end of the year." Measurable--Frame your goals in such a way so you can measure your progress. For example, plan on measuring monthly or quarterly revenues against last year's figures--something you should be doing anyway.  If you are just beginning, set a realistic amount to start. Timely--Give yourself a reasonable time frame for achieving your goal. Then break it down into smaller, short-term increments. Realistically, you may not achieve that X percent increase early in the year, but you can work toward it. Divide your goal percent increase into monthly or quarterly increments that allows you to build on your momentum. This produces measurable, attainable and short-term goals to pursue. Remember what Ray says: "Also, beware of "BHAGs"--big, hairy, audacious goals. Super-ambitious goals are great when it comes to long-range planning and decision making, but they don't lend themselves to goal setting. Focus on attainable goals that you can realistically reach within the year. It's easy to make resolutions, but it's hard to make them come true. No wonder some entrepreneurs make the same resolutions every year, without ever achieving them. Don't let yourself fall into that group. This year, resolve to set SMART goals and action plans." Tell others to hold you accountable and take action!  Get started as an online business entrepreneur today.

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