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Power of Attraction Marketing

Are you cold calling, or prospects actually contacting you?  The power of attraction marketing actually comes in full force when you create a relationship with your list and they actually find the need to contact you. For a long time, network marketers that were struggling were told to: * duplicate their upline * to consider anyone within 3 feet of you as a prospect * that anybody could do this even without any sales * that just by joining the business all the hard work would be done for you Out of all these statements the one that was probably most annoying was “You don’t believe in it enough!” Network Marketing System & MLM Lead Generation Lies The world of Network Marketing/MLM has suffered a steady decline as a result of such ambiguous statements being told to those eager to become successful network marketers.  This is where the skepticism and really seeing if people trust you.  So one of the major issues distributors face is the ability to create a targeted lead generation.  If you can not generate MLM leads, then you are out of business.  The belief you have in staying in business starts to suffer and eventually fail. It is not successful to most to try to convince friends, family, and strangers to join your business. Just not professional and is likely to tarnish you with a bad name. Even worse, your success rate will invariably be low and most network marketers throw in the towel at this stage because they find the process too difficult and tiring. This accounts for the large attrition rate in the MLM business for those without a simple system that cranks out highly qualified business builders daily. The 3 foot rule, where you should consider everyone within 3 feet of you as a prospect, is a lie and is more likely to cause more stress leaving you with no choice but to quit. Enter The Power Of Attraction Marketing The power of the Internet reaches across the globe. It is perfect for the online business entrepreneur to attract prospects to their business. There is one problem however. The majority of beginner work from home moms and work from home dads have no idea where to start in order to promote their business in the online communities. Many network marketers are told that anybody can run an MLM business. Another one of the great lies, and while it might be true offline, it’s a completely different story online. With the power of the internet you are able to specifically have targeted lead generation prospects that you want to join your business. The basis of attraction marketing is to pre-sell to potential prospects before you introduce them to the primary business offer. Learn from an expert internet business entrepreneur the power of attraction marketing by watching the free 7-day series boot camp so you can fully understand this attraction marketing concept.  Also comment on which would you rather have in your business, prospects calling you, or you having to cold call to keep your business alive?

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Christopher Dittemore
Christopher Dittemore

Alecia truer words never spoken.. Until we learn how to market we are the marketing channel.. and unfortunately, that's what makes a lot of people INEFFECTIVE.. What are some ways that Attraction Marketing has influenced you? Chris

Thomas Lierzer
Thomas Lierzer

great post, attraction marketing is powerful and this post proofs it. Thomas