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Only Few Positions Available For This Residual Income Opportunity

"The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost." - G.K. Chesterton Residual income opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited.  Also what you could loose, or a potential loss plays a large role in our decision making.  Limited number can also increase immediate value and attractiveness.  This deadline tactic is favored by those face-to-face because it's the purest form of decision deadline of "right now." As residual income opportunities become less available, we lose freedoms, and we HATE to loose the freedoms we already have.  Which makes us desire it even more. Restricted availability can also cause us to desire it more also.  All of these scarcity principles works through all our messages, communications and knowledge too.  It's easy to be warned against the scarcity pressures, but much more difficult to act on the warnings.  This is because it can go against our emotional reactions.  When we confront these pressures, we find what is it we want from the item.  If we want it because it is rare, the more valuable it will be. Don't miss out now on the few spots available for personal coaching from a well educated online business entrepreneur.  Secret tips will be available on how you can successfully master a residual income opportunity.

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Monica McCullough
Monica McCullough

"only a few positions left" - another way of creating a call to action - it can be very successful. thanks


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