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Need Targeted Lead Generation?

targetDon't just find a solution, find the best solution in targeted lead generation.

When finding the best solution, remember the best questions. Repeat back to them the most important things you have learned about the prospect's situation. Identify what exactly is the most important need to solve.  Uncover their needs for the strengths of their solutions and you will WIN! Always try to backtrack and identify as many needs as possible, so you can focus on the features and benefits of what you have to offer. Remember features and benefits are not the same... Features are the attractive characteristics of your product or service. Benefits are the advantages that prospects gain from those features. When you can clearly answer their needs with the features and benefits, use their questions to leverage the solution.  Make sure their needs are met with your strengths which is proving that your solution is the answer.  Now go take action with targeted lead generation today and get started with your own internet business today.

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Thomas Lierzer
Thomas Lierzer

Great Post, and yes this is why we are Entrepreneurs. If we can take our strengths to give our prospect the solution they need, we have accomplished our reason for being here.

Perig Vennetier
Perig Vennetier

While I was reading some articles about copywriting recently I learned the difference between Feature and Benefits. People care more about the benefits than the feature as it is what they care about: what are the benefits for them. Thanks for the article, always good to get a reminder about some important details like that.