Kiosk in Nashville: 15 million come in yearly through Opry Mills, 800,000 to 1.2 Million per month. Depending on the time of year. Right now is when the most traffic comes in through the end of the year. Open with the mall hours. 10am to 9 pm cst

Kiosk names Fight the Forces of Evil Nashville

Add your opinion of a name on this post HERE. Opens Monday Aug. 25, 2014

Cost of Whole Project:

$6,000 split which include $600 fee $2500 first month rent, $600 process of approval plus insurance/internet fees My (Alecia Stringer) split cost is $1500 due Aug, 25th, 2014 Each month rent is split $2700 4 or 5 ways, so $540. Then 15% of commissions earned overall after $1667 is earned to kiosk rent. Incentives in the program is a yacht party and more all in incentives. Future local hotel team meetings for training. This project is a long term project and will start outsourcing more people to train who are team members.

More questions:

Traffic is so varied throughout the schedules… So how do we evenly distribute the leads, sales, etc. Are all the leads going through a rotator to distribute for everyone that contributes to time spent, etc.?


The leads will be distributed upon my personal production. I will only be able to be at the mall opening till 2 pm and then 1,3,5 Weekends of the month... more hours with holiday's I don't have my daughter. Fri. 7 to close maybe, Sat. all day, and no Sunday’s. The lead magnet will be business cards and fliers. Since the leads are on my personal production, I will have the leads. Training with the team that is at the Kiosk will tighten up the closing.

Straight Sales

We will be sorting people through an application process to QUALIFY. Then I will distribute the sales from those who qualify who invests the $250. I’m looking for those that would like to split the cost for the first month of $1500 total, which is $250 for straight sales of Empower Network. Remember... Only limited people working at Kiosk: If we have more than 5 people working there we have to get employee insurance and that's another grand so we gotta try to limit the people who there on a daily basis. no more than 5, and I'm one of the 5! The goal of the entire Kiosik is 25 sales a day, focusing toward the $197 DVD package. 6 people at $250 would cover the first month rent due by Friday, Aug. 22, 2014 Future investment would be next month’s rent plus fees, etc. which should be less investment cost. I’m thinking it’s the $540 split to the 6 people who want to continue. Message Alecia Stringer on Facebook HERE for direct questions. I will be in communication with you on the confirmation of sales with your Empower Network ID, so include that with your invoice when you secure your spot. No more than 6 available to Secure your spot of $250 with paypal to Alecia. Send as friends and family so there are no fees involved. Enter the event to discuss more details on the process of leads to sales Tuesday after Dave's hangout at 11 pm EST. Click the button below to join the private hangout with the leaders involved.