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Motives Cosmetics Review

The name Motives Cosmetics is quite self-explanatory. This is a company selling cosmetics for women – the beauty care stuff.

Motives Cosmetics Review

Motives Cosmetics was founded in 1997 by whom seems to be a very influential business woman called Loren Ridinger and is still being run by her today. A recent press release announced a partnership with La La Anthony which promises to take the business to a whole new level.

Motives Cosmetics Product Line

 As mentioned above, Motives Cosmetics focus on a range of cosmetics for women including lipstick, lip-shines, eyeshadow, blushers and shimmers. There are also a range of skin care products on offer.

The marketing plan

You can enroll as a consultant selling Motives Cosmetics range of products either from a website included when you enroll in printed form and also directly face-to-face with potential clients. Motives Cosmetics also have a plan what they call “Motives & Me” which enables students and teenagers under the age of 18 to sell their range of products to earn some much needed pocket money. Each representative that joins to become part of the consultant network receives a personal website where they can purchase sales aids such as catalogues and business cards at a discount to help them reach their goals.

The compensation plan

Sadly, nowhere on their site is there any information about their compensation plan. By the looks of things you have to speak to another consultant when you want more information.  This should be clear and set out for people to see, or it looks like they are hiding something.

Should you join Motives Cosmetics?

 Motives Cosmetics has a vision to change lives. The compensation plan rewards its representatives for their hard work and their persistence of sharing with others. Contrary what some might think, your income will depend on how your run and operate your business. If you are looking for an automated system that doesn’t require any effort on your part, then Motives Cosmetics will not suit your needs. Like most other Multilevel Marketing systems you would need to generate your own leads and meet new people on a regular basis that you can introduce to the company in order to be successful as a consultant. If you are familiar with generating your own leads and you have some experience with network marketing, then you can easily make a full-time living being a Motives Cosmetics consultant. I would personally recommend that if you aren’t already and you strongly consider joining the team, that you get involved with an Attraction Marketing system which will make your life much easier.

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Galen Morgigno
Galen Morgigno

Hey Alecia, nice breakdown of the Motive Cosmetics company. Certainly a company stay at home moms could take a look at. Keep bringing the value to your readers and followers! Galen