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MLM Company TV Show

Have you ever thought of being on a TV show? What would it be called? Is your life that exciting? Maybe you may think this could really get your business to take off! No matter what marketing strategy you use, you must be able to own what you create. Do not rely on the company's site for your leads. Make sure you do own your own websites that you can control. Take control of your business and get in front of people that are interested in you... 6-16-2014 11-09-07 AM This  may be one avenue to look into: VPEtalent is currently casting a TV series about people involved with Multi-Layered Marketing companies. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated women who have a passion for the direct sales life style and career. Do you have the skill, strategy, technique and sheer luck it takes to be successful in these types of businesses? Are you a “people-person” with a skillset for sales quotas who has a big personality? Then you should apply! Candidates must live within the US. If selected, you may be chosen to participate in a new television series that showcases the always exciting world of MLM. If interested (or to nominate someone), please reply back to us at Loren@VPEtalent.com with your contact info, a few photos and a few sentences about yourself. Please feel free to use the contact info above if you have any questions/concerns about the television series we’re developing. You can find out more about us at vpetalent.com. Learn online strategies and tips from Alecia that you can control when you click the link below. 6-6-2014 1-05-17 AM

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Veeerrryyy Interesting! (Said like the character from Laugh In)

Have you applied for the show Alecia?

Marian Gurowicz
Marian Gurowicz

I do a weekly Internet broadcast about self-development topics.  No big production, just a spreecast.  I enjoy being able to interact with the audience.


Cool i really like these type of shows.  I currently watch a show called the pyramid thing based on the lives of some visalus reps.


Sounds very exciting, Alecia!  I bet Lisa Torres would be really good at that! :O)