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LiveSmart 360 Review – Complete Overview

A new launch of LiveSmart 360 comes with along with a highly anticipated launch of network marketing.  With LockYourSpot and LiveSmart 360 headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, it has succeeded in launching in multiple countries with over 162,000+ enrollments. As a massive enrolling at the beginning, it is hard to tell how long this company will last.  The first 5 years is the test.  So be sure to always brand yourself, and not the company.  People should be enrolling in this opportunity because they see you as the trusted leader that will enable you to go far, no matter what happens to this company. Let's take a look at LiveSmart360 products:  This is not just another one product company.  Their initial product line is 360 Mist called ZorbMax.  It's a tasteless, colorless, odorless mist product that is absorbed through the skin.  It was designed in such a way for the body's blood to decipher between good nutrients and bad free radicals, to then absorb more of the good nutrients, and expel more of the bad. There are four more mists a pain spray (Relieve), a sleep spray (PM), an appetite suppressant spray (Slim), a sexual performance enhancing spray (Ignite), as well as other similar products.  Their names should speak for themselves, and the technology is patent pending working at the cellular level. An additional product line is Live Fit 360 developed by internationally renowned fitness guru Mr. USA John DeFendis.  Exclusive to LiveSmart 360, This is a complete weight loss and fitness system that combines innovative supplements.  The formula includes supplements for muscle building, fat burning, water expulsion, muscle recovery, and steady energy. It includes a shopping list, how to order food when you are out, and other timely info. This product is affordable AND IS GOING TO SHOW LASTING RESULTS. To become a member of LiveSmart 360 you do not have to put any money down.  The membership is free, but to move forward, upgrading is a must.  There are four starter packs where you can get substantial discounts, and lots of benefits which range from $99.00 to $999.99.  The best value is one that is $499.99 which offers a wide variety of products, 3 tracking positions for income, instead of one (3 maximum), a $500 coupon for the leadership cruise in the fall 2010, $50 coupons for dining discounts per month, a VIP Travel Club concierge services, and a Special "Smart Start System" that gives you a variety of online and offline tools on how to build your business effectively. Some say the compensation plan is unique and stands out in the crowd of network marketing.  In this plan, you only need 8 personally sponsored reps to qualify for the top level of compensation.  Executive qualifications earn $100 per month with only 4 personal enrollments.  That more than covers reps monthly order requirement.  To truly maximize on the compensation plan, you have to sponsor people. Sponsor more reps the right way by branding you as a leader and learn what the top leaders in this industry are doing to generate more leads than you have time for.  If you are truly passionate about building Lockyourspot, LiveSmart 360, then you need to follow a leader that you can show you how to generate income even when you do not sponsor 95% of the people you meet.  Enter your name and email below to get the latest tips and strategies in free videos of exactly how to profit with this network marketing system and Lockyourspot today.
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Troy Krause
Troy Krause

Thanks Alecia, I saw the lockyourspot links flying all over the place for about 2 or 3 weeks and that was it. I guess that;s normal for a free pre launch. You are so right though. Anyone looking to join this company needs to find a leader/mentor and a marketing system in order to be successful.