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Learn the Formula of Generating Free Leads in Your Online Business Systems

250x250-b-magnetic-sponsoring.gifUse Top Affiliate Programs Effectively To Cover Your Advertising Costs For Your Home Based Business

It is time to set up your multiple income streams in your online business systems.

Today we will begin by setting up various affiliates for your residual income builder.  These are all the various affiliate programs, tools and resources that you will promote and educate your prospects about through out your websites, training and autoresponders. You will be providing valuable information & training, branding yourself as an expert marketers AND you will also be generating commissions and profiting from people that don't even join your business. This is powerful...and a technique that ALL top producers understand and utilize.

Very Important: You only want to promote tools & resources that are valuable and that you know will be of benefit to your subscribers.  Your not out to make a quick buck by just recommending everything under the sun.  You will loose credibility and trust and just annoy your prospects. We recommend you actually purchase and use these tools & resources so you know what you are recommending and why.

Note: Since you have complete control over your email autoresponders, you can, at any time, choose to promote anything you want to your list in addition to the programs below. Your income potential is limitless!

Current Affiliate Programs:

Sign up for each affiliate program - most are free to join.  The cost, if any is indicated in each blog post.
  • Income Stream 1: Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring - You do have to buy the Magnetic Sponsoring eBook to get access to his affiliate program - Buy it for your residual income opportunity now for $37 - *TIP this is the HIGHEST converting of all these programs, you definitly want this one in your pipeline.

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