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Learn How To Generate Free Leads Using Google AdWords In Your Online Business Opportunity

250x250-b.jpgIf you've always wanted to use Google Adwords to market your online business opportunity, but didn't know how, or thought it was just too expensive, watch these two incredible interviews now.  You'll be amazed at how simple and inexpensive it can be to build your business using the the most POWERFUL online marketing tool every invented... My friends, it is possible and we're producing over 150 leads per day at a PROFIT of $4.45 each. That means after we pay the Google bill, I'm still putting $4.45 in my pocket every single time I produce a lead. That's $667.00 per day, which is $20,016.00/Mo... AND 4,500 new leads for my business. So as you can imagine, we're trying to spend as much money as possible on our Adwords campaign because we're getting back $4.45 for every $1.00 we put into it. Now most people who get into Adwords have a MUCH different experience. This experience usually involved empty pockets, a loss of hair, and walking with a limp for a few days. That's because Google charges the ultimate "stupid tax". If you try to set up a campaign without the proper knowledge, you're going to get pay for it big time. But... If you do know what you're doing, it's like putting a slot machine in your living room that pays you EVERY SINGLE TIME you pull the lever. These days, everyone's talking about using SEO, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter to produce leads. And they're great tools and I use them as well, but when it comes to producing instant, targeted traffic for your business, they can't come close to the power of pay- per-click. Mike Dillard used just PPC to build the 2nd largest downline in my primary company in less than 4 months.  In fact, he sponsored 4 of the top 5 producers in the company, just using Adwords! Adwords is the most POWERFUL advertising tool in the entire world, and the only skill you ever need to know when it comes to producing endless leads online. People have been asking me how we do this for years. Well things have changed in the PPC market, and new techniques have been developed. Most people left the market. We cracked the code and dominated. If you want to see how we do it, listen up... On Monday, January 19th, Jim and Mike will be releasing the most detailed PPC training material ever created for the networking industry. It covers EVERYTHING, and shows you exactly how they generate free leads and big profits every single day using Adwords.  If you've always wanted to master PPC marketing, this material is all you'll ever need. There are great ebooks out there like Perry Marshall's, but these are step-by-step videos made just for business entrepreneur network marketing owners like you. Stay tuned because we'll be offering a HUGE 65% discount on the course next week to celebrate it's official release. And here's the best part... Give the course a try when it's released on the 19th. If you don't get the results you want after going through all of Jim's secrets, you don't pay. Just contact my office if you're not thrilled with what you learned for a no-questions-asked refund. There is no reason to go get started with this POWERFUL tool for your online business opportunity.

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