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Leadership That Produces Action Beyond You

Becoming Beyond You

To understand how you can take leadership tips and wisdom you learn to action that you can see beyond you puts simple, yet concepts that you put together. Are you developing leadership skills you can take anywhere in life? What are your goals and aspirations in being able to apply these new skills? No matter what profession you acquire, we all shape our lives by the leaders we are to others around us. Being shining examples in our community. Building stronger bonds with those in the world around us. Take these stories and examples shared in this post to re-evaluate and ask yourself if you are worthy to be a leader worth following.

It starts with YOU.

I have learned through examples of learning from the stories and examples of other leaders I have studied that to become beyond you, you learn to leave leadership fearlessly and selfishly. You show the culture that you want to create. Each of us has our unique style. Unique personality that brings a new meaning on how you approach your leadership beyond you. When you truly grasp the culture you want to create, you have reached beyond you that others can take in your footsteps.
The value of a life is always measured by how much of it was given away.
We celebrate generosity and selflessness. We envy accumulation. Be intentional. Beyond you and not about you. How much influence, empower life. Leverage current power and influence. give away

3 Specific Beyond You Leader:

These three ideas came from the speech Dr. Henry Cloud gave at Leadercast May 2014.

1. Making as few decisions as possible that other people can make.

Empowering to say: "You decide." Then back you up as your organizational authority increases. You are responsible to more things. Organizational IQ decreases. Influence pass yourself. Human dynamics. Drive and sustain your influence. Drive and sustain your influence. Like a boat wake has two sides. Think as if you are a boat. 2 Sides of influence: 1. Results 2. Relationships, people Trying to get influence without trust. To get past yourself, they must trust you. People you lead, feel like you are connected to them. Be known and understood. Understand them. So it is clear to win. Not connected where they are. Invalidate it. Do your people know they understand? When they understand that they understand!

2. Have something past yourself...

That wake will not sustain if work is just you. Big reason why you do what you do. Has no meaning. Found your heart? Detached from why and passions. Change lives in people. There was a story that was shared about two successful builders. One could create a master piece and be very profitable, yet in the end, he didn't feel like any reward. It was just another project completed.  While the other successful builder felt very satisfied when he finished the project. He knew that he made every detail planed to how they were going to live and use the space he created. Like see how the prom pictures where going to be made. Where the Christmas lights would be designed, etc. Yet, which one looked beyond them? The one that knew how to build a culture with the project they created. Allowed other's lives to grow in the part of the project that was created.

3. You - control freak? How do you know?

With human beings, bonkers with control. A. Leaders give up control B. Define what control that drives passion past themselves. Leader curse? None in players control - Teams win do 3 things: 1. Do not hand football to other team. 2. Play by results. 3. Have punts and kickoffs. Found what they have control of produces a result. Let go and give control of what they need to do. Strength - that people follow. Do anything for them. Jump out of a plan. Credibility. Courage. No fear. Defer case. Going to ask your people until it sounds great. Suck it up and you are willing to do what it takes for a cause.

11 Characteristics of Leadership - Listen HERE.

We are all leaders and develop qualities to impact your life. Apply these in your life everyday. 1. Unwavering courage. How are you brave?Are you brave? 2. Self control. Are you influencing others to control your own life. 3. Is the key sense of justice. Fair? 4. Decision. Wavering, unsure unsuccessful. Quick and rarely change are successful. Hustle. 5. Make the plan work the plan. 6. Be willing to do more than your followers. 7. Have a pleasing personality. Respect and grade high. 8. Have empathy and understanding. True heart. 9. Mastery of detail. Position time leverage time and manage it wisely. 10. Have the willingness to take full responsibility. Step up. Make it happen. 11. Cooperation. Get your followers to do the same. Training and mentorship to develop yourself. Step it up, evaluate, pattern your life to more Leaders that you are attracted to.

Leaders learn to lead themselves.

10 Reasons Why People Fail In Leadership

1. Ability to organize detail. Leader or follower? Know major details and be aware. 2. Be willing to be a servant to others. How can you serve others more. 3. Know what others are doing as you lead them. Guide them. 4. Fear of competition of followers. Followers excel more than you. Perform more than their own effort. 5. Lack of imagination. Stuck at being creative. 6. Selfishness. Resentment. Can't hold resentment. 7. Temperate. Be diligent. 8. Loyalty. Trust those above and below. 9. Efficiently be encouraging. Trying to impress too much.Impress them on your leadership. 10. Emphasize the title and be free from fault that hold the position of leadership.  

Leaders are strategic - motive is right and improves the lives of others.

Imagine... practice golden rule of reciprocity. Affects all, affects all indirectly. A person is a person through other persons. Laura Schroff of Invisible Thread book Story of New York - Click the Image for more details on the book. 11 year old boy getting on streets for food. Sept. 1986, 35 year old in Manhattan, saw tons of homeless. Dad drug dealer left at 6, mom addicted to heroin and crack. Follow with heart. Believes anything is possible that is focused and determined. Best way to find out if you trust someone is to trust someone. Hemming way quote. Story of New York - 11 year old begging on streets Trust means someone cares for them. Like the bag is only a brown paper bag, but what's inside is love. Beyond you moment. Teach kindness as you must lead by example. Tear stuck story! Believe me, I cried!
Connects those that are destined to meet. Kindness can change lives. -Rooke Denver

Just see position, not so much the people behind it. Quality of a person.

Thought a leaders role was to set roles. If you didn't follow, there as consequence. Idea of what leader does maintain authority doesn't work. Level of honest varies. Majority cheat on the taxes. US is better than Canadians because cost of cheating is not worth it. Idea of legitimacy. Fundamental is perceived authority is legitimating.

Legitimate 3 laws:

1. Respect - Someone will listen 2. Fairness - Believe it's fair 3. Respect - Follow law is respectful Dependent - leader not arbitrary. Why Americans pay taxes. Tax system is legitimate. Complaint will be heard. Is it the system respectful. Must talk about it first before change. It matters how you say it. Matters how respectful must. What's wrong with them? Leaders. What is the deeper issue that says something about us. Reward hard work. Fair, trusted, no legitimacy. Nothing good until you ask. What can I do to make it more legitimacy. Respect you will be heard voiceless minority. Priest just went up and they gassed him. Police was 95% Protestant. Leaders was illegitimate. Women stood with milk and bread. Hooked arms toward air-force. Brave heart. No intro already. Know work stories. Capture hearts inspire hope. Remember Randall Wallace in the movie Brave Heart? First scene written made play. Irishman, 2,000 ready. Horse feels adrenaline. Fight With a free man. What will you do with your freedom. Will you fight? or... Run a little while. 1 chance to tell are many May take our lives, but never take our freedom. We all know we want to find that place at the risk of my life is more important. I'm standing in the great life. Standing with God. Code of Arms: Clyde-Pole Family motto - 4 freedom Jesus - Trust shall make you free Love me, keep my commandments. Freedom and rules don't go well. Greatest role is to give. How do you give, to whom? Meddling? Brave heart, can't plead poverty, but can get food. Transaction - not giving. Hollywood Habitat for humanity. Liarlick, TN! Greater joy was the secret in giving is giving. Honor - know well keep your word. No money. The Touch - Magnificent Profession. What happens to your soul when you give. Do you tend to judge the person you gave to? Don't tell me what to do with my money. Hard to know how to give so that know on knows you give. 78 yer old talk to everyone. Gave stranger, stronger gave to him. Not a writer until you share a story. Some burn with freedom, some had to be the privilege to win it. We are the hero's. Let's save this world. Richard Marx... Listen here: Be twice the men your dad was. What you seek is what you find. Shows his chicken. Pray in private and sing out loud. Give, give your all.

Be the hero's to save the world.

-Tripp Scotland, GA
Winner's dream - Always beyond All begins and ends with a customer. Problem: Compete with 7-11 supermarket and the high school student best customer. Share Destiny and respect and it will give it right back. Steak stuff from 7-11. Dream to make most of potential. I am here to get my dream job today. Be open and agile. Recognize to move the situation forward. This business was 66 out of 66 and last in the promotion. When opportunity knows be ready to answer the call. People forget to listen. This is what the plan was: 1. Cut cost 2. Give clear vision what to do. Excite solid plan. 3. Holiday party - love to dance. 66 to 1st High level exclusion at the hotel. Driving force to win the race. People that didn't believe come in force. 4th quarter's Dec. 1st. What it meant to Porta Rico. Employs customers. Power of under dawg... Plus listen to the wishes of people. Pageantry to reward it. Celebrate victories. Big dreams, celebrate victories.

First thing has to change of What is Possible.

Double it. Simple Vision. Execute like never before. Vision, strategy that makes sense. Purpose matters Improves peoples lives. World is going, not where been. 80% profits in expenses. Power of what we do is thinking beyond ourselves. You are winners, best brighter. Leave with Me.. Winners dream. What you mean to this world. Be strong, resilience, don't let us one take that away. Laugh as a ringtone. 2015 define out of core behaviors bravery.

Simon Sinek: Difference between first and last

See the interview HERE. Basic - be human Demand is depressing. World is missing these things. Own journey, struggles meet people. Military. Aug. 16, 2012 Johnny Brave Because they would have done it for me. Hero answer. Sacrifice their lives. Better people. Attracted to service. It was the environment. Someone by ourselves. We are social animals. In groups, we are remarkable. Teams leaders, put the reputation on the line. Why should anyone help you. Why work in a circle of safety? New technology, environment inside organization is where it matters. Taylor Hicks in the mall. Mother on top of her child. Means to lead. Because I said so, danger threatens sacrifice leader may gain to save people. React to environment your in. Bob Chapmen, 2008. 1.7 Billion Blue Collar Manufactoring. They needed to save 10 million. Bob believes in hearts counts. Decided on 4 weeks unpaid vacation. Every suffer a little than a lot. Saved 20 million with a high moral. Company sacrificed for them. Leader they go first, vision. Really only one characteristic - courage. Certain sacrifices with feeling watch a child grow up. Opportunity, education, make more for themselves. Feeling of leadership. Responsibility, not rank. Pay yourself first. Willing to eat last, give for us. Officers never go hungry. Parenting is an exercise. Can't measure numbers respond to environment we are in. Not a rank, a choice. Practice not an event, not one big decision, a daily experience. Just like elevator button when you see someone running.

Our lives have value.

Fundamentally trust leaders. We have to set example. Leads with truth. Responsibility you take actions when you do your actions. Trust will break down people will do. Feel safe around people you work with. Leadership is a choice. Responsible for more. Remarkable will happen. You would have done it for them. Leadership is a choice. Use all of these leadership tips, strategies and tactics to take yourself and your business to new levels! Share one that stood out to you the most! Take action and see more of what Alecia share's inside HERE when you click the button below: Lawrence Tam Traffic secrets

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What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing and writing :)

Mike Marko
Mike Marko

Great post!  you obviously take massive action!


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