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Lead Generation Tactics: Spin Instantly…

As a work from home entrepreneur, we are always looking for the best lead generation tactics and time savers for sure! I have found a really neat tool that will save you time and energy when producing more content for articles, blogs, and even videos! Now some may be aware of the 'spinner' technology and some may not even know what it is.  So I will go through a little explanation of what it is and why you need to use it. So, what is the 'spinner' technology?  Well, if you aren't spinning your articles before submission, it's pretty much generally accepted that you are wasting your time.  The requirement of spinning your articles and content came between the war of the SEO experts and the search websites, the engines made a decision to 'de-duplicate' their search results for better user experience.  Perfectly understandable if you run a major search engine.  Of course, seeing an entire page of the same listing of the same article is poor user experience.  So people started to tweak their articles to get on the search engines more with a better experience from the search engines. Have you tried spinning or tweaking an article by hand? Tricky... better have a good thesaurus, or tools such as 'thebestspinner' or 'Magic Article Rewriter' allow you to manually choose synonyms.  This is where time is spent... The time spent is definitely the reason why you need to take advantage of the 'spinner' technology.  I've found the only spinner that does not change your text with inaccurate errors is Content Boss.  It's a linguistic problem, not a programming problem.  While it's not straight away clear, basic fact that a 30% unique article without linguistic mistakes is FAR better than a 90% unique article with 25% mistakes.  The first one has a chance to be indexed with giving you some traffic, and the other will get you banned. So, you get what you paid for... time... Click on the image below and get started with Content Boss to help boost your time and profits in the long run.  Be sure to check back soon for the recommended article submitters. Comment and tell how this tool will help gaining new lead generation tactics your internet business and save you time.

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