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Is SEO Hard To Do?

First of all, what is SEO and how does it help my online business? Well, SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means that in a search engine like google, the sites that are in the natural listings in the middle are optimized for that keyword you are searching for. So, the overall marketers goals are to be the top spot that they are searching for.  Is it hard to get listed on that spot? A lot of factors come to play.  There are a lot of parts that get a site to that listing.  It has to have the right keywords in the title, description, tags and more factors for it to get listed. Most SEO experts make you look at the numbers.... this keyword has 97,987 searches a month, imagine if you were #1 for that term, think of the traffic and leads/profit you will get.... Great, but those keywords are already have a pretty good competition and in order to be at the top, you have to know advance strategies... How long does it take to learn the advance strategies?How long does it take to actually accomplish getting to the top? Are you already overwhelmed? What we really need is to have a short term and long term results for now and later in order for our online business to stay alive... In order to do that, let's focus on the high traffic, low competition keyword that you can easily rank for.  Still focusing on getting a consistent number of leads, qualified buyers and putting the income.. and residual income in place. To learn these basic, yet simple SEO strategies, check out a report from one of our friends that have became experts in this area.

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A. Stacey
A. Stacey

I totally agree with you Alecia. Tags, description are also important as well as great keyword. Keep up the great work.

Walter Wilson
Walter Wilson

Great post Alecia! SEO is very cool and it does work, but it does take some time to learn. Short term goals are very important. Oh, it looks like the post is doubled, so I read it twice. Lol... Great read, keep it up! Walter