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Is Facebook Trying To Be Twitter? Does This Matter for Your Internet Business Model?

Ever since Facebook changed their home page, this has been the buzz for the 2 social sites.  It is getting harder to keep up with both, Twitter and Facebook.  Making connections and staying on top of both conversations.  Even with twitter, you can use the tweet deck and see the updates people post on Facebook.  Then post from twitter to Facebook.  They have really tried to make it easy to integrate both networks. The power of Facebook is seeing what your family is doing and communicating with them easily because that is where the media is stored.  Facebook is more about those you trust and those in your proximity or seeing what your friends are doing. Twitter is more about interests and thoughts with anyone.  Of course Facebook should be worried, where will people spend their time?  Most people like to use both. Why does this matter for your internet business model? As you use twitter more, you can start to see how you can create relationships and see the power that these connections can help you with anything you want to accomplish.  It has more of a viral effect that gets around faster than Facebook. Get personalized training on how you can use twitter to explode your work from home business by putting your name and email on this page.  Also comment on what your goals are for your home business opportunity with Twitter and Facebook.

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    Is Facebook Trying To Be Twitter? Does This Matter for Your Internet Business Model? | A Success Dream…

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