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How To Find Targeted Buyers

How To Find Targeted Buyers

When coming online, many are clueless on how to present themselves. It's like getting dressed for that interview, what kind of impression do you want to create? Same thing online, what does your website want to say to your buyers you want to attract? First you have to know what targeted customers you are looking for. Let's go into a few defining points to help you find your clear vision.

Define if there are enough potential customers for your business.

I know since the market went down, I had a hard time finding parents that was looking for their kids to get piano lessons because they just didn't have the extra money for extra activities. So know your demand and if there is enough for your products or services.
  1. Tweak your business ideas to meet the needs of your future customers. Know what problems you are going to solve.
  2. Tailor your offers to meet those needs of the customers. Always work in sales cycles and make an offer where they can expect it and be excited about it.
  3. Target your marketing efforts to reach your most promising prospects and craft marketing appropriately. Knowing their real problem agitated will reach them best.

Will targeting buyers limit your business?

Some may think you aren't reaching a big enough audience when you target exact buyers. This only gives them more of a reason to buy exactly what you are offering.

Will defining your target buyer increase costs?

If you are so narrow to your potential customer, they you may actually save money! No need for that billboard now, when you can go to the direct person that will buy. Exactly when you know everything about them like:
  • age
  • gender
  • income level
  • buying habits
  • occupation or industry
  • martial status
  • family status
  • geographic location
  • ethnic group
  • political affiliations, etc.
  • hobbies
  • and the list goes on...
More important is how you present your profile of showing everything about you. Learn how to create a profile and online presence across the social networks when you come to this LIVE presentation of how to set that up. Many miss simple key elements when setting up their online presence for their targeted buyers. Don't miss this training in this system, as you'll get a few perks to help you in your journey to set this up correctly for your targeted buyers.

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Nice value shared, important to find targeted buyers!


Very informative post about targeted buyers, Alecia!  You've made some vital points! :O)


Great blog post on how to find targeted buyers Alecia.  Having to make little adjustments here and there in business is sometimes unavoidable.  we live in an ever changing market, so learn and adapt.  Looking forward to more of your content!