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How To Close A Prospect

  How to Close 95% of Prospects in your Business  - Click to see Alecia's insights! Get inside this inner circle audio to get the real story insights you can listen over and over to soak in and apply it in your prospecting and life with your close relationships. This can really change the way your business will move with this one audio, even though you get so many more in this product. Here is a break down of all the commissions you can earn as a member inside this product too: 100% Commissionable: $25/mo - Viral Blog, Fast Start Training $100/mo - Inner Circle $197 - High-Ticket Academy (Price limited time! Will go up!) $200 - Viral Blogging Academy $500 - Costa Rica Intensive $1000 - $15K Formula $3000 - Masters Course ($3500) First time total: $5022 (Get paid with Ewallet to get deposited directly to your bank! The first payment will come 2 weeks after you earn the sale, and they hold back 20% for 6 months.) Add $500 masters 19.95 Affiliate Training $25 video hosting is comp in first 3 months of Viral Blogging Academy 1st Payment: $5541.95 Next 3 months: $25 Viral Blog/ Fast Start Training $100 Inner Circle $19.95 Affiliate Fee Total Expenses: $144.95 Each month: $25 Viral Blog/ Fast Start Training $100 Inner Circle $19.95 Affiliate Fee $25 Video Hosting Total Expenses: $169.95 Non-commission-able: 19.95 - Affiliate $25 Video Hosting Commission Plan: Every other is passed up till you reach the 6th member, then every 5th member is passed up. Each product earned that is commission-able has the same plan. Simple and easy to dominate on your own success dream terms.  Use this information to learn how to close high ticket products! To get special team bonuses, contact Alecia today! Limited time offer! To success dreams, Alecia Stringer  

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