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How Leaders Are Strategic For Success

Leaders are strategic – motive is right and improves the lives of others.

Imagine… practice golden rule of reciprocity. Affects all, affects all indirectly. A person is a person through other persons.

Laura Schroff of Invisible Thread book Story of New York – Click the Image for more details on the book.

 Leadership That Produces Action Beyond You Leadership That Produces Action Beyond You

11 year old boy getting on streets for food.

Sept. 1986, 35 year old in Manhattan, saw tons of homeless. Dad drug dealer left at 6, mom addicted to heroin and crack.

Follow with heart. Believes anything is possible that is focused and determined.

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Best way to find out if you trust someone is to trust someone. Hemming way quote.

Story of New York – 11 year old begging on streets

Trust means someone cares for them. Like the bag is only a brown paper bag, but what’s inside is love. Beyond you moment. Teach kindness as you must lead by example.

Tear stuck story! Believe me, I cried!

Connects those that are destined to meet. Kindness can change lives. -Rooke Denver

Just see position, not so much the people behind it. Quality of a person.

Thought a leaders role was to set roles. If you didn’t follow, there as consequence.

Idea of what leader does maintain authority doesn’t work. Level of honest varies.

Majority cheat on the taxes. US is better than Canadians because cost of cheating is not worth it. Idea of legitimacy. Fundamental is perceived authority is legitimating.

Legitimate 3 laws:

1. Respect – Someone will listen 2. Fairness – Believe it’s fair 3. Respect – Follow law is respectful

Dependent – leader not arbitrary.

Why Americans pay taxes. Tax system is legitimate. Complaint will be heard.

Is it the system respectful. Must talk about it first before change. It matters how you say it. Matters how respectful must. What’s wrong with them? Leaders. What is the deeper issue that says something about us. Reward hard work. Fair, trusted, no legitimacy. Nothing good until you ask. What can I do to make it more legitimacy. Respect you will be heard voiceless minority. Priest just went up and they gassed him. Police was 95% Protestant. Leaders was illegitimate. Women stood with milk and bread. Hooked arms toward air-force. Brave heart. No intro already. Know work stories. Capture hearts inspire hope.

Remember Randall Wallace in the movie Brave Heart?

First scene written made play. Irishman, 2,000 ready. Horse feels adrenaline. Fight With a free man. What will you do with your freedom. Will you fight? or… Run a little while.

1 chance to tell are many May take our lives, but never take our freedom.

We all know we want to find that place at the risk of my life is more important. I’m standing in the great life. Standing with God.

Read more: http://www.2asuccessdreamblog.com/leadership-that-produces-action-beyond-you/#ixzz32yR2rlBL

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Marian Gurowicz
Marian Gurowicz

Thank you so much for sharing your views Alecia, along with the quotes, pictures and book.

alecia_mlmleads moderator

Leaders are strategic when the are ready. Always be ready to move toward massive action!