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Empower Network Review

Let’s look at Empower Network Review.

A brand new affiliate program that one can possibly profit with more than their primary network marketing company. We will look at the creators of the Empower Network, the products involved, and how one can create income promoting this new marketing affiliate system.

2011 11 12 1225en 300x196 Empower Network ReviewWho created Empower Network?

David Wood and David Sharpe put together a blogging network to help overcome the beginning challenges of network marketers creating content online for success in their business. The history of David Wood, starting from nothing and living in a car, knows how hard it takes to start creating income online. Many people have the preconseved notion that only the people with the income can have success in this industry. He prooves that anyone can create income from nothing. David Sharpe has a similar story from his struggles from drugs, loosing his daughter in the process while the only job he could hold is a construction job. David Sharpe found a way to find a way out of his construction job and into a network marketing company to take his way out to a better life for himself and his family.

What are the products involved in the Empower Network?

There are 3 price points that you will see throughout the Empower Network Review sales funnel. You purchase the product you can profit from. If you only purchase the $25 level, you can only profit from your $25 products. Remember the best part: 100% commissions. Every two, four, and six sales goes up to the immediate upline. After that, every fith sale.

1. $25 – For $25 you get your very own viral blogging system. You will get a fully customized and hosted WordPress blog. This blog is already fully functional and designed to make you money by selling the Empower Network system. The banner and side widgets go right into your list of prospects. You don’t have to install plugins, create graphics, buy hosting, or any of that other tech stuff that most people get frustrated with. You just plug in and start creating content. Don’t forget to create your own call to action with each piece of content you create. Your time to show who you are, to get people to like and trust you.

2. $100 – For $100 you will get access to the inner circle training by David Wood and Dave Sharpe. David Wood’s main strategy is article marketing. If you want to make serious money in the next 30 days, you need to get into the inner circle. Give you the knowledge to start creating outstanding content and driving massive amount of traffic to it quickly.

So not only do you create 100% commissions with this product, you also generate residual income by paying for it each month. The same process as the $25 level by the two, four, six sales go to the upline and after that every fith to infinity. Learn how to earn your way into the private “Inner Circle” Incentive Retreats and exotic locations around the world.

3. $500 – For $500 you will get the recordings of the 3 day retreat that David Wood held at his home in Costa Rica for a select few network marketers. This product is only the one time fee. Full Resale Rights To Earn Up To $1000 Instant One Time Commissions From My ENTIRE TEAM on the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive.($497 Value)
You also have the right to earn your way into the Empower Network Mastermind Team – An I Elite Team Of 20 People That Creates The Vision Of The Company. ($1997 Value)

How one can create income with this Empower Network Review?

Understanding the challenges first will help you learn that you need to overcome in order to make this work for you… When you do online marketing, you need to create your own website, blog, etc.

1) You have to actually do the technical stuff involved with setting up a blog & hosting account, optimizing it, installing plugins & opt in forms, creating graphics, making it look nice, making sure that it works in all browsers blah, blah blah….

2) The products that you promote through your blog are probably only going to pay you a commission of 20-60%, the average seems to be about 30%. Naturally the product creators want to keep as much money as they can right?

3) You need to be good at getting people to buy stuff.

4) You will need to buy additional tools to syndicate your content and do other stuff that will make your blog show up highly in the search engines (unless you want to sit in front of your computer for 12 hours a day doing, boring, dead beat stuff).

The process for making money is pretty simple with Empower Network Review….

1) Signup for $25 (yep that’s all it costs to get started)
2) Watch the fast training and download the core checklist
3) Start blogging
4) Make INSTANT money – 100% Commissions

The merchant account is 99% approval rating that is set up to be deposited directly to your bank account. The international set up is in the process as the Empower Network launches.

Amazing that in the first week, over $500,000 was paid out! Just watch a few of David Wood’s webinars and emails, and you will hear of the amazing results.

To give you a head start in creating income with the Empower Network Review, take a look at the Bonuses Alecia Stringer can provide for you when you join her Success Dream Team:

- Bonus #1 -

Access to Lawrence Tam’s Project Mayham Training Center.

What is Project Mayham:

In a blunt nutshell:

1) Help everyone in online business regardless of your primary business

2) Help you get paid 100% commission WHILE we sell for you

3) Get paid instantly so you can give paypal the finger for all of those years they have taken hostage your money in their account

4) Work with the BEST internet marketers in effort to explode you and your teams.

5) The ONLY way you will EVER get to make money from all of the tire kicking, lazy and dead beat team members and students you wasted time with.

6) How to effortlessly monetize and “ninja swipe” traffic and cash from those who are too lazy to help themselves. This is ONLY the beginning…

If you do not plan on being in Alecia’s Stringer’s Success Dream Team, or already using Empower Network Review under another leader. You have the option to purchase this bonus below.

pixel Empower Network Review


- Bonus #2 -

How Lawrence Tam sold $10,563.43 of Amazon products in 22 Days from a blog that is 10 months old with ~30 pages of content…

ALL outsourced and with FREE traffic.  He will be shooting the training’s LIVE to ONLY those who are joining me in my “vision”. You will get the live broadcast, and the finalized product ONLY if you join me.

Then you can sell to the general public at the price point 2x $197 = $394. So if you WANT to learn what I’m doing you MUST use my link for this bonus. No exceptions. If not, wait in line to buy when we go live AFTER months of my team members having the information in hand through live webinars.

If you do not want to join my team, or already part of empower network and would like access to this bonus, simply click below:

Click Here to Start a Website!

- Bonus #3 -

Access to the Beta: Success Dream Vision Formula

-Understanding the Importance of Mindset and how it can transform you.
-How to Create a Story that Attracts the Masses
-Value of Creating Unique High Ticket Offers
-Set Up Process of A Sales Funnel to Close Conversions
-Marketing With Focus: Classifies, twitter, youtube, linked in, Better Networker,
-Test and How To Fine Tune

Take this Empower Network Review on your journey. Let Alecia Stringer guide you through these bonuses for success. With 100% commissions, you have nothing to loose. Take action and start your new journey by joining now with Empower Network.


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Juli Becker
Juli Becker

This is a great review, Alicia. I joined EN on another team, but, boy oh boy, your and Lawrence Tam's team sure is rocking it. So grateful for the great leadership in Empower Network. Juli


Awesome, thanks Juli.

Julie K Beachum
Julie K Beachum

Great review of Empower Network, you covered all the bases!!

Wendy Elwell
Wendy Elwell

I love the Empower Network, great product. Thanks for sharing!

galen morgigno
galen morgigno

Good breakdown of the Empower Network. Anyone looking at joining the Empower Network will have a good ideal of what the Blogging system can do for them.

Carlton Soo
Carlton Soo

Now THIS is what I call an AMAZING EN review!! Very informative and worth reading again! :D


Thanks Carlton! Thanks for the support.

Kim Mullette
Kim Mullette

A very informative review on Empower Network Alecia, thanks.

Godwin Okoduwa
Godwin Okoduwa

The Empower Network is very good, your review says it all

Danny Yoon
Danny Yoon

So you decided to join Lawrence Tam's team with Project Mayhem as well Alecia. The Empower Network is Awesome! David Wood and David Sharp are helping others put more money in your pocket.

Mia Hienovirta
Mia Hienovirta

I'm very happy that I visited your blog, Alecia. This was a great and very informative article. Thank you!


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