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Do Online Entrepreneurs Lie?

Can you believe this?  Is it just hype? Instead of generating leads like they told me for $0.37 each, they are down to $0.23 cents per lead! I told you they lied All this through TWITTER PPC. These are the only guys I know in our industry using this strategy, and this is why I wanted to train you on it! Here are their most recent numbers on TWITTER PPC. 456 Retweets (MASSIVE VIRAL EXPOSURE) 9396 Views to their capture page. $0.23 per lead. 110 Leads Total Ad Spend: $25.00! TWITTER PPC EXPOSED TONIGHT! I twisted my friends’ arms to actually reveal to you their twisted and sneaky tricks they’re using to basically abuse Twitter and get leads and viral exposure for literally pennies on the dollar. You have NO idea how they’re doing it because they just told me this week, and it’s pretty ingenius. Register here if you want to learn this cutting-edge marketing strategy that NOBODY else is teaching simply because they have no idea it exists: Click on the image to register for the webinar: MyLeadSystemPRO™ Live Marketing & Training Call for
Members and Guests. Join Us this Wednesday Night and listen live. 9PM Eastern (5 GMT) 8PM Central 7PM Mountain 6PM Pacific Time Converter Link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html To get the most unbelievable training from the best internet marketers on the planet completely F*R*E*E. I mean seriously! I’m not like the other “gurus” out there who will charge to teach you this kind of material. I truly want to help you and build a relationship with you first, and actually EARN your business in the process. Once you’re on the inside with me, you’ll see that we have “ZERO” competition. Call me if you’re finally ready to partner up! 903-386-3311 Comment below and tell me you are ready to see more...

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