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Difference Between Amateur Sales and Respected Professionals

When you were little and told everyone what you wanted to be "when you grow up," you may not have thought about being a online business entrepreneur.  Many people become network marketers to answer the "work place" problems.  Sadly, 97% of them fail.  Mainly due to ineffective marketing tactics.  Such as passing out fliers, making out friends and family lists, and so on.  The worst go broke trying to stay in business long enough to get residual income checks. Industry experts like Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard came up with a new strategy for network marketers called attraction marketing.  This is a smart marketing technique to attract a target group of people.  Attraction marketing reverses the process of prospecting by having a target group chase the network marketer versus the network marketer chasing them. Follow the three step process to attract highly qualified prospects and be a respected professional online entrepreneur.

1. Build a List

This "list" is your own customers, your own leads, and the people that are interested in what you have to offer.  It's important to have your own marketing system and auto responder that builds your list.  You do not want to be marketing just your affiliate links that does not capture your prospects.

2. Build a Relationship with Your List

Go deeper into your list and search and get to know them on different social networks like Face Book, My Space, and Twitter.  They, in turn will get to know you and more of what you offer through these social mediums.

3.  Monetize Your List

This is where you can build cash flow while prospecting.  Monetizing your list allows you to stay in business versus spending a lot of time with a prospect and/or down line with little or no compensation. Understanding attraction marketing is only part of the equation.  How can you implement it?  Really one with no skills on the internet can have results and success.  Have a marketing campaign to offer free training and solutions will gain respect to any new prospect looking for you.  Implement and learn more about attraction marketing with step by step training that can work for any business.

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