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12 Success Factors To Work With Alecia Stringer

Learn from these 12 success facts and apply them to your business.  It is my goal to inspire and encourage others to take the same challenge to build their team as well.  I personally remember that successful piano prodigies study under master pianist.  Same thing with successful mentors.  They learn from a leneage of successful mentors.  Who they study and who they become.  Our team desires great leaders who study and apply themselves for success. 1. Learn to follow a leader. One that joins a company with a track record.  This company must be in a business a minimum of 5 years. 2. Financially sound company. Do you see this company lasting for another 5 years, 125 years?  A debt free company to be a part of is preferable. 3. Strong Management. Strong management in a company will show proof in a Fortune 500 style management.  Learn the background of the owners and learn if they have personally walked in your shows and knows the industry of the leaders producing entrepreneurs. 4. Company must offer unique consumable products. These must be highly consumable by ALL.  Products must be products that people are already buying, where people's budgets are being chaged and no new money is being spent.  It's even better if you don't change their lifestyle as well. 5. The company must be competitively priced. The must be consideraby less expensive than the stores they are already shopping at.  In fact, they need to see you as a great value, and you should be of great value in being a customer as well. 6. High retention in customers. The company must have a high monthly reorder rate.  95% of the customers must continue using the product or service each month to retain customers to continue to build residual income.  This is the factor with both distributors and customers.  If people are not continueing using the service the company offers, they quit.  There needs to be an overwhelming value to be a customer where they are making money with it or not. 7. The company must have a low personal production requirement. Having a low monthly requirement and no monthly quotas should not matter if you are in a position or not. Goals must be met attainable and within reach. 8. Low entry fee to join and be involved. There also must not be buying inventory with their entry fee.  Everyone must see that they entrepreneur opportunity can be attainable, even at the low entry level. 9. Life-long residual income must be attained with low attrition. Keeping your team around is important to create the legacy of your residual income.  When you see people quitting, find out why they are not re-ordering.  Keep a strong team and keep them around. 10. Ever heard the phrase: "timing is everything"? Do not participage in 'ground floor' deals.  Most fall apart in the first 5 years.  Don't forget that the bad news travels fast, and even faster than the good news. 11.  Leadership should be rewarded. You should not be penalized for enrolling someone better than you on your team.  Watch the compensation plans, and see how your team's volume is shown.  It should be built on a sense of gain, not on a fear of loss. 12.  No Risk. There needs to be a money back guarantee, no questions asked. Having products and services that are safe fro everyone, customers and business builders. Questions for you to answer: Are you looking for the next opportunity, or the last one?  Look at the company for the long term, and not just a quick fix.  Be prepared for when you join a company, that there is a six month minimum learning curve.  Be ready to take the challenge.  Be prepared to face the dangers of the risks involved. So use these success factors to follow the 5 rules to success:
1. Focus on your goal. What is it?  Create residual income through online business selling services, info products and affiliate promotions.
2. Grow your Network Daily. Each day connect with at least 5 new prospects
3. Expose Consistently. Consistently create a flow of prospects exposed to your opportunity on a weekly basis.
4. Generate momentum. Get your new team members started off right.  Do exactly what your team is doing.  Going to meetings, etc.
5. Build a comunity that is loyal. Get on your team's weekly training calls and live events.
You find more success in team than by yourself, yet we work for ourselves.  Start the journey by contacting Alecia Stringer and letting her know you are ready to get started today on your journey to become a master marketer and true leader.
"Believing and KNOWING that you hold true value to other people, gives you the confidence and abundance mentality you need in order to be an Alpha Networker. - Mike Dillard, Magnetic Sponsoring
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Hi Alecia, My name is Dain from Dainlewis.com and I was wondering if you might like to guest post on a blog of mine. I have 3 blogs that you can choose from all with decent traffic. I'm hoping that in return I might be able to guest post on your blog. I'm hoping that partnering in this way we will be able to create better backlinks for our blogs and increase traffic/leads. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers! -Dain

masereka robert
masereka robert

thank you for the nice work your doing now am following you on twitter am masereka robert from uganda aged 26yrs thank


Dain, share with me the information to guest blog. Do you have a page that explains that? Provide more information please.