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Christian MLM Companies

Are you looking up a Christian MLM Opportunity?

The reality is the fact that the spiritual walk with God does not price a dime. And the books and tapes being provided towards the Christian marketplace don't have a large adequate profit margin to assistance a multilevel marketing type of compensation strategy. But that does not necessarily mean that you cannot locate people of faith to build a great business with. In reality, you may be lucky sufficient to locate a successful Christian upline sponsor you get pleasure from working with. Correct now, let's examine so common Christian network marketing trainers and leaders who you may really feel drawn to working with.

Christian MLM Leaders Spreading the Word

While it could be tricky to find a Christian MLM company, it is not too difficult to find Christians attaining success in MLM. In reality take a close look at most top producers and top revenue earners in any company and you may be shocked to find out they are Christians. Which seems sensible, truly. Even more true when you see owners sharing how they apply their Christian values. If you read from the chapter of Matthew, you will find this verse: "God clothes the grass with the field. It lives right now and is burned inside the stove tomorrow. How much more will He give you clothes? You might have so little faith! Don't worry… But seek ye 1st the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." If you obtain your mind, heart as well as internal spirit attuned with God you can easily prevail. Then "all these things shall be included unto you" and that's a promise you are able to count on. Below is a list of Christian MLM teachers whose viewpoint you really should spend some time researching.

Christian MLM Teachers as well as Mentors

Recently introduced towards the public stage by ABC's Secret Millionaire - one honest-to-God producer has shown the Christians around the planet how it really is done. From rags to riches, she was living out of her car and working as a waitress after which turn out to be involved in a MLM where she produced her millions. Her name is Dani Johnson (danijohnson.com) and she's a living example of how God does wonderful issues if you put your faith in him. Dani and her man Hans Johnson are both devout Christians who often reference the Bible and other spiritual stories and teachings in their trainings. This doesn't mean their trainings are limited to only Christians, they just make it terribly well known they are Christians and they give credit to Him whom credit is due. Their trainings all emphasizes the importance of faith and religious strength to see your way through the darkness of the valleys and to celebrate mountain top success. Who else but Doug Firebaugh could teach us a lesson regarding the spiritual fire it takes to become profitable in this globe of vice and temptation? His main instruction internet site (passionfire.com) has been helping thousands for years. And now he has a new website to share his story, which you'll come across at theoriginalnetworker.com. There, does tells us: Networking marketing is a business, 1 in which God is infusing his personal message of hope and freedom. By you sharing that message from city to city, and from town to town your taking the light of hope about the globe 1 person and location at a time. He will secretly direct you into the marketplace where you'll be able to make the greatest impact, and leverage off of your personal divine gifts and talents to spread the sacred word from the most high. From door to door you will go exactly where he demands your light to share, and by means of you he is preparing the way for the Glory of God to the released fully unto earth! In conclusion, you may not find a Christian MLM company do to business with but you'll find plenty of Christians in MLM. Bless and be sanctified. See my Devotional posts I share on a blog that generates income for our family HERE. Be inspired to share and do the same!


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Thank you for sharing this Alecia.  So grateful for what God is doing.  :)

Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown

The great thing about the internet is how we can connect with other people.  And your post today, Alecia, brings awareness how different groups of people within the MLM industry can find each other to mentor or work with. Thanks for sharing! 


Hey Alecia, informative post. I'm also a Christian by heart.


Thanks Alecia, i am a christian and proud to be a network marketer


Hi Alecia, I love your energy. You set the example for a lot of marketers out there and you definitely provide value.

True leader you are and I appreciate your inspiration.



Hi Alecia, this is such a powerful post as its so true!  Its amazing how many people tend to believe that Christians do not do MLM business, but they do!  Thanks for sharing.